Monday, March 25, 2013

Christopher Columbus Charter Replacing Sacred Heart School

Sale Pending for Sacred Heart

As per Regina Media of the Daily News, Christopher Columbus Charter School is in negotiations to take over (and expand) the old Sacred Heart School site at Moyamensing and Reed.

This confirms a lot of neighborhood speculation that the site would become another school. There is a ton of development happening at this end of the neighborhood and the Christopher Columbus Charter School will only add to it.

Here is a pretty interesting quote from Rosemary Dougherty, chief executive of Christopher Columbus:

"We'll be adding to the school ," she said. "Exactly what our configuration is going to be, we have no idea. When we do know what we're doing, we will set up a meeting with parents and community members."

This news comes on the heels of the Hidden City story confirming that St. John the Evangelist has begun clearing out in preparation for demolition to make way for condos.

Here is what it looked like this weekend:

Soon to be condos?

a view from the side: yes, that's a shopping cart

We'll keep you posted on the announcement of any neighborhood meetings regarding each of these projects.

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