Saturday, March 23, 2013

UPDATE: 4th Street Looking Good

I wanted to shoot out a quick update on some projects happening on S. Fourth Street. If you've been following me on twitter (@pennsporter) since the beginning, you probably saw this tweet:

Well, here is what they look like just two weeks later.

Corner of 4th and Dickinson:

Front facing Fourth Street

Looking West up Dickinson
These are larger units but fit with the recent development in the area. Perfect spot for these puppies right next to Grindcore House Coffee and a stones throw from DSP.

Travel up north on Fourth St. a piece and you'll find this corner project on Gerritt St.

SE Corner of Fourth and Gerritt
First off, it's huge. It really stands out when you're driving by. Secondly, it's apparently going to be an amazing place.  

The site says construction is expected to be completed by 5/1/2013. It's 2,600 Sq. Ft with some actual character. Pretty sweet. Only real downside is its proximity to Mt. Sinai Hospital, but if that ever gets figured out and turned in to something amazing (one can hope, right?) this house will be reap those benefits.

I will be sad to see this amazing Google Street View pic head off in to the sunset once the Google van makes its rounds again. Dude is just chillin'.

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