Monday, March 4, 2013

Vacant No More: Six Homes Coming to Two Street

You've probably noticed this enormous vacant lot at 2nd and Reed Street - caddy corner to Herron Park's Spray Ground and just a stone's throw from Federal Donuts. It's been empty for quite some time and if you've spent any amount of time on Two Street, you would recognize it.

Soak it in because it apparently it won't look this way much longer. I noticed this beauty the other night.

As per the zoning notice, there will be six units that comprise this large lot. Each unit will contain bay windows and a roof deck. Sweet news for future owners.

The good news here is that the lot will be occupied. I've been in the neighborhood for three years and it's simply sat empty with a chain link fence around it the entire time. A lot this size has a ton of potential - being that it's bound by Reed to the north, 2nd to the west and tiny Hancock Street to the east. It's good to finally see some progress and I'm excited to see the finished product.

My one reservation is that there is no mention of retail. I've come to realize this is pretty standard in Pennsport. However, this is a prime location caddy-corner to the Sprayground at Herron Park and directly across the street from the Shamrock Pub. It's also a few steps from the Riverview to the east and The Industry to the west.

I've always wondered what used to be in the lot. As I was snapping the pictures, I noticed a woman was looking at the zoning notice. She was glad that something was finally coming to this lot and mentioned that it used to be the home of a glass factory that burned down a few years ago (I haven't found any information to back that up, sadly).

However, I did find some cool photos from that sheds some light on the lot.
Apparently, it was the site of the Weccacoe School. The picture dates back to 1935. Here is a link from the Free Library for some more background on the school.

If anyone has any info on the glass factory or maybe even some renderings of what these homes may end up looking like, hit me up in the comments, @Pennsporter on twitter, or

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