Tuesday, April 2, 2013

I-95 Parking Update

Lot North of Mifflin, Work Being Done (right)

Here is a quick update regarding the parking situation for parking underneath I-95. As you may already know, as of April 1st the lots between Mifflin and McKean Sts. underneath I-95 are supposed to be closed

I posed the question of whether Philly Police would possibly open up the large lot north of Mifflin Street to temporarily replace the spaces lost to the closure of the lots south.

Pennsport Civic was kind enough to look in to the situation:

I did ask ILMAC (they are who manages the parcels under I-95) about opening that parcel - the problem being that there is only one entrance/exit for that lot - they do open during a snow emergency for us - but they really do not like to open that parcel for that reason.  I will let the community know if they decide to open. 

I was in the area today - those lots are not fully closed and, although work is scheduled for the southern lots according to Pennsport Civic, work was being done on the lot north of Mifflin St. There are still a lot of cars parked in the lots that are to be closed. 

While they apparently aren't closed yet, it would probably be a smart idea to move your vehicle out of the southern lots in the near future.


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  2. It would be great to see these spaces better utilized to benefit the community. Perhaps, Pennsport could follow the example of northern neighbor Queens Village (http://nakedphilly.com/queen-village/queen-village-tries-to-find-parking-solutions-while-beautifying-the-neighborhood/)?

  3. This is a good idea Mike - especially when you consider that these lots border large lots attached to store fronts. People who are going to Target are not going to park under I-95. Re-imagining these lots in the future could lead to more dollars for the neighborhood.

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