Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Motorcycle Run Pays Tribute To Captain Michael Goodwin


Hundreds of motorcycles descended on Pennsport tonight in tribute to the late Captain Michael Goodwin. The run, which started on Aramingo Avenue, ended at Captain Goodwin's home firehouse - Engine 53, Ladder 27 on Snyder Avenue.

It was a touching scene and one that saw people hang out of their windows and step out on to their rooftops to get a look and pay their respects.

Both police and news helicopters were in the air and combined with the massive lines of motorcycles to create quite a buzz in the sleepy side of Pennsport.

A truly awesome scene for a man who gave his life in the line of duty.

Please consider donating to Firefighter's Widow Fund in the memory of Captain Michael Goodwin. Also, the Queen Village Neighborhood Association has also set up a Fabric Row Relief Fund for those displaced by the fire.

4th and Snyder Ave - Engine 53, Ladder 27

Police make space for the motorcycles

Hundreds of motorcycles flow up Snyder Ave.

People hang on the fire escape to pay tribute

Overflow on to Moyamensing Ave.

Onlookers on the roof

Lines of parked motorcycles on Moyamensing Ave

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