Sunday, April 7, 2013

UPDATE: Parking Wars: Pennsport

UPDATE: All but one of the signs have been taken down. Pennsport Civic Association was unsure as to why they were posted and mentioned that the school may be holding a "cultures fair" in the lot this week.

Recently, the closure of the lot underneath I-95 has put parking at the forefront in Pennsport. What was once a relative non-issue is fast becoming a topic of conversation. Although the lot between Mifflin and McKean Sts. isn't closed just yet, parking situation in the immediate area won't be getting any better.

The sign below is posted on all of the fences surrounding the large parking lot at Furness High School - just three blocks from the lot underneath I-95.

While this closure is only temporary in comparison, it will still make for a head ache for those in this part of the neighborhood who utilize the lot after school hours.

We are still awaiting word as to why this lot will be closed this week and, as always, we'll keep you posted on any updates we receive.

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