Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Pennsport Featured in GPTMC's "Neighborhoods" Campaign

The Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation (you know them as GPTMC or Visit Philly) revealed a cool campaign recently. Instead of taking the usual photos and write ups of Independence Mall and Rittenhouse Square, GPTMC has chosen to feature the players that make this city a truly amazing place to live - its neighborhoods. Well, take a guess who made the list?

That's right - Pennsport!

It's not simply a write up, either. Visit Philly compiled a rather robust list of food, attractions, nightlife, shopping, and events and created a dedicated site to the home of Two Street - and it's gorgeous.

This site is a big deal for Pennsport. As you may already know, our 'hood is gaining a lot of interest recently. Multiple large housing development projects are in the works and local business are realizing that Pennsport is a viable (and cool) place to open up shop. A campaign like this only validates and furthers the progress seen in a neighborhood with so much untapped potential.

Pennsport is described as "a network of quiet, safe streets...where a growing number of restauranteurs and shop owners are breathing new energy in to the area, helping expand the neighborhood's already robust identity."

It's amazing all around (we'll even forgive the "loose" neighborhood boundaries). Seriously, dig through the site and share it with others to show your pride in good old Pennsport.

Be on the look out for more Pennsport content via Instagram. VisitPhilly has been featuring a "Guest Instagrammer" with neighborhood ties to portray a unique look in to their 'hood.

Also, don't be afraid to share your thoughts in the comments, on twitter, on in email. Let's keep this Visit Philly conversation going as long as possible.

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