Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring Cleaning at Manton Street Park & Community Garden

Cleanin' Up on May 5th

Spring is in full effect and that means one thing - cleaning! Pennsport is fortunate enough to have it's fair share of beautiful green space and one that has been creating a bit of buzz recently is Manton Street Park and Community Garden (like 'em here).

Although relatively new and still in development, it's been featured in Visit Philly's recent "neighborhoods" campaign aimed at getting locals and visitors alike to branch out (more on this campaign soon.) It's great to see some of the "Pocket Parks" in Pennsport get some pub.

In one the coolest neighborhood cleanings collabs, Dickinson Square West is teaming up with Queen Village Neighborhood Association, Bella Vista Town Watch, and Passyunk Square Civic Association to have a "Four Corner Clean Up" at the corner of 6th and Washington.

The main goal is to "green and clean" this shared corner and the clean up will take place on May 5th - so be there or be square!

While the Philly Spring Cleanup (which took place on April 13th at area parks) campaign has been successful and certainly welcomed in all neighborhoods, it's important to extend the idea of neighborhood pride, cleanliness, and investment throughout the year.

It's been well documented that green (and clean) space keeps the neighborhood safe but it also reinvigorates the surrounding community. Besides, they're far better to look at than a trash-strewn vacant lot.

So, do yourself and your neighborhood a favor, show up at 6th and Washington on May 5th and get your clean on.


  1. I hope many participated in this event. As a part of a neighborhood, we're all responsible for the cleanliness of all its streets and corners. A clean environment does not only leave a good impression with the homeowners, but also set a standards for the future occupants of the neighborhood. I hope you keep up this clean and green tradition. Rudy @ Haaker.com