Friday, June 28, 2013

UPDATE: Federal Donuts is Trying To Kill You, Again (Not Really, Again)

UPDATE: Federal Donuts is offering you a second chance to make your life complete. Given that only one of the two "Golden Tickets" went claimed (Lucky Ducks...), FedNuts is offering Free Chicken For Life - only this time with a twist. Donate $1 to the Broad Street Ministry and you're automatically entered to win the Best Birds in the Biz for the rest of your fried chicken lovin' life. It all starts tomorrow at the Pennsport location (as well as the Sansom Street shop for all your Center City Bird Lovers.) 

The Grand Prize drawing will go down on Friday, July 26. 

So, do yourself a favor and donate a buck to the Broad Street Ministry while you're at FedNuts from July 17 through the 26th. Otherwise, you know the drill...

No, Federal Donuts isn't really trying to kill you but given today's announcement - they're are certainly trying to blow your mind.

Everything you need to know fits nicely in to the following tweet:

The internet is in full on "Scanners" mode with these two announcements, and honestly, you should be as well.

If you're lucky enough to get your hands on some of that pizza next Friday - do us a favor and send us a pic.
If you're lucky enough to win a Golden Ticket, let us know and we'll feature your fortune right here on the blog.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pizza Moves on Two Street

There has been some recent movement in the pizza industry along Two Street.

Peace out, Wise Fries

First and foremost, Wise Fries Burgers and Pies (2nd and Watkins Street) looks to have closed up shop. Multiple calls have gone unanswered and their official MenuPages website clearly lists "CLOSED".

It's a shame that it has seemingly come to this as their pizza was damn good and they offered a wide array of tasty french fry and grilled cheese combos. I know I'm going to miss the Disco Fries. This type of place is perfect for a late night bar scene and sadly, that isn't Pennsport's game right now. Hopefully a mid level sit down restaurant can get in there. It has the space for some tables and Pennsport could use a few more sit down joints.

Hey look! It's Poblano/Ava's/Fighting Irish Pizza!

In other news, there is an even more ethnically confusing place is coming to the corner of 3rd and Snyder Avenue - the former Avanno's Pizza. You may remember Avanno's took over the old Snyder Pizza spot and decorated the outside with questionably-trademarked Irish mascots.

The new variation seems to keep the pizza and Irish theme (for now at least) but goes by the name of Poblano Pizza - this time adding a Mexican twist. Given the name, it would be pretty darn sweet if this was a neighborhood pizza/Mexican food hybrid. Fingers crossed on that one.

Regardless of the name, Avanno's was another solid pizza choice in Pennsport. While it came and went quickly, it's good that another business will be taking over the building at 3rd and Snyder.

No word on when Poblano Pizza will be open for business as of yet but look for it soon.

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Monday, June 17, 2013

UPDATE: East Side Moyamensing Saloon Revamp

UPDATE: Some interesting details have emerged after a conversation with construction workers this morning.

The bar will have a new name - "Moonshine Bar". It will feature a lunch and dinner menu as well. The interior is completely gutted right now but it will keep the tin ceiling and feature exposed brick. 

Apparently, if all goes well, we're looking at an early September opening. Cross you fingers.

No word on whether moonshine will be served.

Original post:
If you live in the southern end of Pennsport, there is a high probability you've passed the East Side Moyamensing Saloon on the corner of Moyamensing Ave and Sigel Street. In fact, it doesn't matter what time of day (or night or early morning) you passed either - it was open.

View Larger Map

Well, you may have also noticed that it hasn't been open for a little while. That's because the good old ESMS is undergoing renovations as it is now under new ownership and looking to revamp a little.

The specifics are a little murky but according to neighbors, the bar has been gutted (along with the upstairs apartment) and hopes to "serve food." The building permit calls for the "clean out of the first floor and replacement of windows." The mechanical permit lists an installation of a "one kitchen hood." So, a revamp with food it is!

It is also unknown at the moment whether the apartment upstairs will be part of the bar/restaurant or a living space.

Here's to hoping they keep the old sign for nostalgia's sake.

The southern end of Pennsport is ripe for the picking as the large lot at Moyamensing Ave. and Moore Street has been put back on the market. There is also a medium sized project proposed on the nearby corner of 2nd and McClellan Street - the former site of La Salon. 

Window is out and work lights are on inside

As always, keep it here for updates. 

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Lot Alert: Former Moyamensing Estates Site is Up For Sale - Again

I was fortunate to see this sign as I was on my way to the General Membership meeting the other day.

Here is to hoping for the old Moyamensing Estates site

That's right, one of the last large empty lots in all of Pennsport is up for grabs yet again. Situated between Moore and Pierce Streets on Moyamensing Avenue - you may know it as the former Moyamensing Estates site.

Currently, it houses some brush, trash, and an abandoned food/work truck with some killer graffiti. However, that could very well change in the near future. Pelicans Properties LLC has the site up for sale and given their recent dealings in Northern Liberties, this site could house something useful in the near future.

View from Pierce - love that classic Richmore sign

View from Moyamensing Ave and Moore Street

To give you an idea of what developers could be working with, let's take it back to Moyamensing Estates for a minute. The proposal called for 15 houses each with two car parking. The size and location of this lot should entice developers the most. While we've seen multiple large projects starting to take shape on the north end of the neighborhood, the trend in the southern end of Pennsport seems to be rehabbing row homes. A large scale project would bring the necessary population density to the southern end to warrant local business along Moyamesning Avenue and Two Street. This could be a huge shot in the arm to a place like the Pennsport Mall as well as various empty corner store properties in the area.

Again, this site is merely up for sale but it's exciting to see some (any) movement on this space. Given the recent development boom in Pennsport - it's hard to imagine that this lot won't be able to move.

As always, we'll keep you posted on any news regarding this site.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Quick Hits: June General Membership Meeting

Quick note: There will not be regularly scheduled General Membership meetings in July or August. They will resume in September. Topical meetings will be held to deal with special circumstances (read: AVI related issues).

Message left on my window after the General Membership meeting - thoughts?

Here is a rundown of some of the topics discussed at the General Membership meeting held on June 12th at EOM.

As always, the meeting had some link to the ongoing AVI battle. Recently, both the State and the City have been introducing bills to get Philly's big-time property tax collection problem sorted. As for Pennsport, the Civic Association is actively looking to create an outreach program for those affected by AVI. In partnership with the Crosstown Coalition of Taxpayers, the outreach programs will help homeowners through the appeal process with the Board of Revision of Taxes (BRT). Appeals must be made by October 7th of this year - so this is going to move quickly.

Look for more information on this outreach program in the coming weeks. I would recommend joining the email blast ( Also, keep an eye on their Facebook page.

The gist is that the ECA, through the EnergyWorks program, is working with the City of Philadelphia to provide home energy audits to help the people of Pennsport save money by making their homes more energy efficient. For a small fee ($150), the ECA will assess your homes' energy efficiency, customize solutions should they be needed, find qualified contractors (and also check/ensure their work), hook you up with low interest financing, and help connect you to various tax credits ("The City is actually trying to GIVE you money.")

Again, the program is $150 to have the initial assessment but may be worth a look if you feel like your house is leaky and therefore, putting a hurting on your wallet.

Key Tidbits:
- 55% of the energy consumption costs in your home comes from  heating and cooling the home as well as heating water
- Unplug cords when not in use
- Be mindful of air leakage - "Don't use your home to heat the neighborhood"
- Consider the mindset of cooling people, not rooms

For more information, visit ECA's website.

Please be mindful that school is almost out for the Summer. This means more kids in the neighborhood during the day and at night. Curfews will be strictly enforced  throughout Pennsport.
Kids 12 and under are to be inside by 930pm while the curfew for kids 17 years of age and under is set at 1030pm. These times are in affect Monday through Sunday.

It was stressed that Police presence will be "highly visible with bike cops" in and around the neighborhood - especially in the beginning of the Summer.

Dana Perella presented information on the dangers of West Nile Virus and Lyme Disease. Here is what you need to know in order to "Fight the Bite".

Basically, mosquito proof your home and neighborhood by dumping and standing water withing three days of it appearing. Wear insect repellent (you missed a free sample, HAH!) Brush up on how to safely remove a tick. If you're in or around a wooded area, check for ticks and clean yourself thoroughly.

Lastly, the Board Members wanted to recognize and thank Matt Snyder (who was not in attendance). If you remember, Matt graciously honored Captain Michael Goodwin by raising money through selling red ribbons and also having a bench made in dedication to the fallen firefighter of Snyder Avenue's Engine 53 Ladder 27. There was such a tremendous response to Matt's work that he was able to donate over $1,100 back to the fire station. Great work by Matt and and excellent example of the community in Pennsport.

Dickinson Square Farmer's Market Opening Day is Sunday

It's Back!

The Dickinson Square Farmer's Market is officially coming back on Sunday, June 16th from 10am to 2pm. That's right, locally grown produce and delicious artisan bread is going to be back in the neighborhood this Sunday (remember, it's Father's Day). Hit them up on Facebook for updates and other goodness.

Some of your favorites from last year are back. Two Gander Farm and Darmo Family Farm ("The ones with the corn") bring you the freshest locally grown produce. Want some amazing bread to pair with lovely basket of fruits and veggies? Saint Peter's Bakery is back as well and has got you covered.

New this season is Pennsport's own killer food truck - Guerilla Ultima. Word on the street is that he's is going to have some specials cooked up for the farmer's market crowd, so keep it an eye on Twitter for updates.

We'll keep you posted should anymore details come about as opening day draws closer.

Friday, June 7, 2013

National Donut Day is Upon Us

Get you nommin' on with some of you Favorite Fancies

National Donut Day is FINALLY upon us. You know there is only one place to be for this beloved day - Federal Donuts.

They've been rolling out the bygone favorite fancies in anticipation of National Donut Day culminating in today's event.

Here is something you may not have known - you get a free Fancy donut today (while supplies last, ya'll)! 

The lineup in Pennsport is as follows:
Pomegranate Nutella
Key Lime
French Toast
Spicy PBJ
Salty Caramel Banana

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Trash Think Tank is Tonight

Tired of all that trash in the 'hood? Get here tonight. 

The Trash Think Tank is happening tonight. If you want to get off the sidelines and become part of the trash solution in our city, I suggest you hit up the EPX Center tonight and take part.

Want to get the trash off the streets? Bring your big (of little) ideas and and open mind.

All are welcome but you must RSVP by emailing