Monday, June 17, 2013

UPDATE: East Side Moyamensing Saloon Revamp

UPDATE: Some interesting details have emerged after a conversation with construction workers this morning.

The bar will have a new name - "Moonshine Bar". It will feature a lunch and dinner menu as well. The interior is completely gutted right now but it will keep the tin ceiling and feature exposed brick. 

Apparently, if all goes well, we're looking at an early September opening. Cross you fingers.

No word on whether moonshine will be served.

Original post:
If you live in the southern end of Pennsport, there is a high probability you've passed the East Side Moyamensing Saloon on the corner of Moyamensing Ave and Sigel Street. In fact, it doesn't matter what time of day (or night or early morning) you passed either - it was open.

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Well, you may have also noticed that it hasn't been open for a little while. That's because the good old ESMS is undergoing renovations as it is now under new ownership and looking to revamp a little.

The specifics are a little murky but according to neighbors, the bar has been gutted (along with the upstairs apartment) and hopes to "serve food." The building permit calls for the "clean out of the first floor and replacement of windows." The mechanical permit lists an installation of a "one kitchen hood." So, a revamp with food it is!

It is also unknown at the moment whether the apartment upstairs will be part of the bar/restaurant or a living space.

Here's to hoping they keep the old sign for nostalgia's sake.

The southern end of Pennsport is ripe for the picking as the large lot at Moyamensing Ave. and Moore Street has been put back on the market. There is also a medium sized project proposed on the nearby corner of 2nd and McClellan Street - the former site of La Salon. 

Window is out and work lights are on inside

As always, keep it here for updates. 

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  1. Man if they are getting rid of that sweet glass block i could put it to good use!

    1. Hey Zack,

      They are actively working within the building and seem pretty darn friendly. It wouldn't hurt to ask - you never know!

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