Friday, June 14, 2013

Lot Alert: Former Moyamensing Estates Site is Up For Sale - Again

I was fortunate to see this sign as I was on my way to the General Membership meeting the other day.

Here is to hoping for the old Moyamensing Estates site

That's right, one of the last large empty lots in all of Pennsport is up for grabs yet again. Situated between Moore and Pierce Streets on Moyamensing Avenue - you may know it as the former Moyamensing Estates site.

Currently, it houses some brush, trash, and an abandoned food/work truck with some killer graffiti. However, that could very well change in the near future. Pelicans Properties LLC has the site up for sale and given their recent dealings in Northern Liberties, this site could house something useful in the near future.

View from Pierce - love that classic Richmore sign

View from Moyamensing Ave and Moore Street

To give you an idea of what developers could be working with, let's take it back to Moyamensing Estates for a minute. The proposal called for 15 houses each with two car parking. The size and location of this lot should entice developers the most. While we've seen multiple large projects starting to take shape on the north end of the neighborhood, the trend in the southern end of Pennsport seems to be rehabbing row homes. A large scale project would bring the necessary population density to the southern end to warrant local business along Moyamesning Avenue and Two Street. This could be a huge shot in the arm to a place like the Pennsport Mall as well as various empty corner store properties in the area.

Again, this site is merely up for sale but it's exciting to see some (any) movement on this space. Given the recent development boom in Pennsport - it's hard to imagine that this lot won't be able to move.

As always, we'll keep you posted on any news regarding this site.

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