Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pizza Moves on Two Street

There has been some recent movement in the pizza industry along Two Street.

Peace out, Wise Fries

First and foremost, Wise Fries Burgers and Pies (2nd and Watkins Street) looks to have closed up shop. Multiple calls have gone unanswered and their official MenuPages website clearly lists "CLOSED".

It's a shame that it has seemingly come to this as their pizza was damn good and they offered a wide array of tasty french fry and grilled cheese combos. I know I'm going to miss the Disco Fries. This type of place is perfect for a late night bar scene and sadly, that isn't Pennsport's game right now. Hopefully a mid level sit down restaurant can get in there. It has the space for some tables and Pennsport could use a few more sit down joints.

Hey look! It's Poblano/Ava's/Fighting Irish Pizza!

In other news, there is an even more ethnically confusing place is coming to the corner of 3rd and Snyder Avenue - the former Avanno's Pizza. You may remember Avanno's took over the old Snyder Pizza spot and decorated the outside with questionably-trademarked Irish mascots.

The new variation seems to keep the pizza and Irish theme (for now at least) but goes by the name of Poblano Pizza - this time adding a Mexican twist. Given the name, it would be pretty darn sweet if this was a neighborhood pizza/Mexican food hybrid. Fingers crossed on that one.

Regardless of the name, Avanno's was another solid pizza choice in Pennsport. While it came and went quickly, it's good that another business will be taking over the building at 3rd and Snyder.

No word on when Poblano Pizza will be open for business as of yet but look for it soon.

Any insight on Wise Fries, Poblano Pizza, or any other neighborhood grub spot? Hit me up in the comments, on Twitter (@pennsporter), or in an email at Pennsporter AT gmail DOT com.

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