Friday, July 19, 2013

Buy a Round for the Kitchen - Pat Szoke Leaving The Industry

Big news out of the restaurant scene in Pennsport. is reporting that Pat Szoke, head of the awesomeness at The Industry, is leaving Pennsport for (just off) North Broad Street to lead the team at Alla Spina.

You might want to buy a round for the kitchen the next time your in the restaurant. The tweet from Michael Klein says it all in one word "Woah."

For now, we'll have a beer and a shot of Buffalo Trace in thanks for expanding our culinary pallets to include the parts of the pig that most people won't eat and bringing such amazing food (and credibility) to the Pennsport restaurant scene. One can only hope that the next chef at The Industry offers the creativity and quality as Chef Szoke.

How Twitter reacted to the news:

And appropriately:

Peace Out, Pat (via Zagat)


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