Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Think Tank: How Would You Repurpose eModa?

There have been some pretty big happenings in the southern end of Pennsport recently. On the housing side of things, the former site of the proposed Moyamensing Estates is back on the market and the old East Side Moyamensing Saloon has changed hands - rebranding as Moonshine Bar.

While these two stories show their could be a resurgence along Moyamensing Avenue, there have been some neighborhood rumblings of a possible redevelopment of former eModa site - a large warehouse across the street from the Pennsport Mall.

In doing some digging, I've been able to find out that there are indeed plans to make this building in to something pretty special.

However, in order to make it a reality, they need your input. So get ready, it's Think Tank Time.

The question is as follows: "If eModa were to be redeveloped, what types of businesses would you like to see come to the neighborhood?"

Remember, shout out anything that comes to mind for a couple of reasons.
  1. We like brainstorming and encourage big ideas here at Pennsporter. The bigger, the better. 
  2. This is a large warehouse, it fronts both Moore and Moyamensing and it could be sectioned off in to multiple units/businesses. So, creativity and plausibility is important as well.
  3. The idea is to start to formulate a plan of what type of businesses or space that the neighborhood wants to see and would frequent. 
  4. Please leave a comment, tweet (@pennsporter), email (pennsporter@gmail), or Facebook comment with your ideas. 
Here are some pictures of the building in case it isn't ringing a bell (click the pictures to see larger version):
Large section fronting Moyamensing Avenue

Corner of Moore and Moyamensing

Large section fronting Moore Street

Corner of Moore Street and Orianna with rear access


  1. I know South Bowl already has a location... but this would be a great one for that too!

    This might make a great brewery site too.

  2. Yes, a small brewery gets my vote!

  3. Can I add beer garden / restaurant to the that brewery idea? We would welcome that with open arms and mouths!

  4. The South Philly Co Op?


  5. I heard there maybe already a small brewpub in the works. I am keeping my fingers crossed for that, as well, it is a local guy lookkng to open it. Which gains even more support from me. Artist live/work spaces or just work spaces. When I lived in NYC, shared communal office space was a big thing for people who worked from home and needed "space" to call their own.

    A better corner market, something more inline with palm tree/ Foodery.

  6. A brewery would be amazing here!

  7. A nice restaurant. All we have is Café Valentino (expensive) or Fast Food. Something in between would be great.

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