Thursday, August 8, 2013

Large Scale Projects Starting to Take Shape

"The Summer of Enormous Residential Project" is firmly upon us. We warned you about it back in May and each project is starting to take shape in one way or another. Whether they are replacing neighborhood landmarks or have flashy names like "Metropolis" - they're here and the neighborhood will be changing. The Philadelphia Real Estate Blog gives us an in-depth look at each project.

Constitution Court:
Constitution Court - former site of Saint John the Evangelist (via Phila. Real Estate Blog)
The Rundown: Situated on the corner of Moyamensing Ave. and Reed St. this puppy comes in a almost 45' high.
"The three-bedroom, two-bathroom residences at 3rd and Reed streets will include roof decks, one-car garages with dog washes, and hardwood floors throughout."

Metropolis in NoLibs? No, Pennsport. (via Phila. Real Estate Blog)
The Rundown: Metropolis is at 2nd and Wharton. This project is proof-positive that the neighborhood is changing.
"Residents will enjoy roof decks and balconies, both of which will be included with each residence. Metropolis, which will run along Wharton Street from 2nd to Hancock streets, will be punctuated by a courtyard running between the two sets of houses that will provide access to the parking garages."

Second and Reed Street:
Second and Reed St - Fits Right In (via Phila. Real Estate Blog)
The Rundown: I believe we were the first to bring you the news of these project in March. These seems to meld a more traditional approach with contemporary nuances. Smaller lot with less houses and no curb cut? - I say "sweet!"
"Construction of six townhouses in a currently vacant lot in Pennsport is scheduled to begin in September. The homes will go up at 2nd and Reed Streets, and will be three stories tall with roof decks. Each townhouse will include four bedrooms, including a master suite with bathroom and den, or three bedrooms and a second den. As well, each unit will offer a garage, a basement family room, and a kitchen and dining room on the first floor."

Not that you necessarily care about my opinion but I think it's good that the neighborhood is starting to see it's own revitalization. It is sad to see local landmarks razed but new people will be moving in. However, questions do remain - will business follow and will these larger homes (built for families) be sold without backbone institutions like public elementary schools.

Hell, schools in general.

The good news is that Pennsport consists of two of the most popular zip codes in regards new housing sales. It speaks to the quality of the neighborhood and shows that Pennsport is definitely an area people are seeking out when it comes to buying a house. The Philadelphia Real Estate Blog lists it as a "trendy" neighborhood. Lack of business and schools could hinder the progress we've seen recently and slow the overall growth of the neighborhood.

One thing is certain, soon there will be upwards of 30 news condos on the market for house hunters to choose from - question remains, will they?


  1. This definitely makes for exciting times in the PA real estate world. Hopefully things go through as planned!

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