Wednesday, August 28, 2013

PHL Bike Share is Coming - Would You Use It?

Want PHL Bike Share in Pennsport? Send in some suggestions

Urban Transportation is a hot topic these days. Whether it's SEPTA finally getting with the program or new studies showing that Philly is becoming less dependent on cars, the way Philadelphians get to and fro is changing.

This brings us to Bike Sharing in Philadelphia.

Various cities have some sort of bike sharing program. New York has Citi Bike and Washington DC has Capital Bikeshare - it's been on the docket in Philadelphia (check this pic from 2008!) for a few years and is set to launch in the Summer of 2014. Using a bicycle as a primary mode of urban transportation is a growing trend and extremely popular in Philadelphia.

In his article for Next City, Jon Geeting explains:
Philly has the highest rate of bike commuting of the 10 largest U.S. cities, with bicycle mode share twice as high as that of the next-best city, Chicago. Neighborhoods in Center City and South Philly are in the same league as all-stars like Portland and Minneapolis for bicycle ridership. With bike share allegedly rolling out next year, and car share networks gaining popularity, it’s only going to get easier and more convenient to live car-free.

As the Passyunk Post has reported, the latest map outlining Zone 1 of PHL Bike Share now includes various parts of South Philly. Unsurprisingly, Pennsport isn't one of those areas. Disappointed by this news? You have the chance to change it.

PHL Bike Share is looking for suggestions for docking locations. You can see from the interactive map that some of these suggestions have started to pop up in the Pennsport area - specifically around the developing Piers 53 and 70. These would be perfect locations for these bicycle docks as the Southern Wetlands Park looks to become the primary source of future foot traffic in the neighborhood. Docking stations that bookend Moyamensing Avenue at Washington and Snyder Aves. would also be particularly smart placement.

The big question remains: would you participate in the program by, you know, paying to rent a bike from time to time? What dock placement works for you?

I would love to hear your feedback on bike sharing. Leave a comment or continue the discussion on Twitter, Facebook, or through email.