Friday, August 30, 2013

Want Business in Pennsport?

I've had many people reach out to me with a simple phrase, "We need more business in Pennsport!"

As you already know, I wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment - especially well maintained shops run by local people, in other words, our neighbors.

The example below is the perfect recipe for how to NOT attract business to the neighborhood. 

Plus this:
Yields this:

Here we have two local and established businesses (Guerilla Ultima and Buttercream Cupcakes) discussing the tough times they've had in Pennsport. Both of these business owners live in the neighborhood and operate food popular food trucks. Buttercream operates a bake shop on Moyamensing near McKean Street and Guerilla Ultima is actively looking to bring his killer BBQ to Pennsport by way of a shop.

Granted, I can't claim to know the exact circumstances of each situation, the vandals may not even be from the area, but it spells doom for anyone looking to kick start a business in Pennsport. The quote from Mellody Brewing spells it out. Here is a local guy having second thoughts about bringing a brewery to Pennsport (read that again - a brewery to Pennsport). If this behavior continues and this sentiment becomes the norm, it would be very difficult to attract new business from outside the neighborhood, let alone people who live amongst us as neighbors.

You want that cool new spot to come to Pennsport? It's time to welcome local business and be supportive to people trying to move the neighborhood forward by investing in its bright future. See someone messing with your neighbors' home, car, or business? Call the cops immediately. See a glass bottle or trash on the sidewalk? Pick it up.

It's time we start treating our neighbors like neighbors and our neighborhood like a neighborhood again - get to know each other and pitch in!

Let's put the pride back in Pennsport - together.