Monday, September 30, 2013

Board of Revision of Taxes Appeals Q&A Session To Be Held in Whitman on Wednesday Night

Assessment not fair or accurate? Get to Whitman on Wednesday night (via Philly OPA)

The deadline for filing an appeal to the Board of Revision of Taxes (BRT) for the new property assessment is October 7th. Chances are high there is some confusion surrounding your new assessment, especially if you live in the Pennsport, Queen Village, and Whitman areas. Luckily there is a free "Question and Answer" session on October 2nd to help residents decide whether it makes sense to file an appeal to the BRT.

The Q&A session will be held in Whitman on Wednesday in the basement of Our Lady of Mount Carmel School (2329 S. Third Street) at 7pm. Councilman Mark Squilla will be on hand to answer any questions in the hopes to clear up any confusion surrounding the new assessments. Staff from Councilman Squilla's office will also be on hand to help with filling out appeal forms.

At the most recent general membership meeting of the Pennsport Civic Association, Walt Spencer presented some key information contained in the "AVI Appeal Guide" and "AVI Survival Guide." Mr. Spencer, who has successfully implemented a countywide AVI program in New York State (among other insane municipal consulting chops), mentioned three key reasons to appeal to the BRT. You should be able to answer "yes" to at least one of these options:
  1. Is the information listed about your assessment correct? Double check any and all information about your property (your full name, address, lot size, etc.) and make sure they have the correct information - you can do so at here.
  2. Research similar nearby houses. Is your house is assessed for more than similar houses (lots size/specifications, age, condition)? You can find that information here.
  3. What about a garage? Compare your house to others that have a garage, whether you have one or not. If your assessment is higher, you may want to appeal.
It's important to remember that while it may seem unfair that you're assessment is high, you need to bring hard evidence to the table when appealing to the BRT. Attend this free Q&A session with Councilman Mark Squilla on Wednesday to get the information needed to make an educated decision on filing an appeal.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church School
2329 S. Third Street

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Friday, September 27, 2013

2Stock Announces Date of Second Festival

The 2Stock Music Festival has officially announced the date for 2Stock II - September 27, 2014.

You may remember that the original 2Stock was held last July to benefit the Edward O'Malley Complex (EOM) on Front and Moore Streets. With help from the IBEW Local 98, the inaugural event featured upwards of 30 locals acts performing live on two outdoors stages on the baseball field as well one more inside the EOM. 2Stock was a night of fun, family, and music for Pennsport and the surrounding area.

The EOM was an awesome venue and offered a relaxed lawn seat concert experience right in the middle of the Pennsport. While they may have lucked out with the amazing weather, it was great to see everyone come out and support the EOM - it's a community treasure and deserved its time in the spotlight.

I could really see this festival growing over the years in to an event that becomes a South Philly staple featuring more musical acts, diverse food vendors, and a festival experience only Pennsport can provide.

Want a little sample of how a music festival goes down on Two Street? Here is a video of the post-festival parade led by none other than New Sound Brass Band.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

In Search of Information: Your Pennsport Civic Association Board Members

1837 S. 2nd Street - Headquarters of the Pennsport Civic Association (via)

I have fielded multiple inquiries since the start of Pennsport pertaining to who is actually on the board of the Pennsport Civic Association.

As you may already know, obtaining information from the official website of Pennsport Civic isn't particularly helpful. Somewhere along the line, it was taken over by unfavorable advertisements and seemingly left on the roadside. However, in this day and age - a website containing official neighborhood information is vital.

Thankfully, Pennsport Civic offers two options for communication and accessing information:

Pennsport Civic Association Email Notifications:
I urge you to email and opt in to the updates provided directly from the Pennsport Civic Association.

By opting in, you will receive important information on elected officials, crime updates, and goings on within the area. You can also submit your questions or concerns via email.

Pennsport Civic Facebook Page:
This is probably the easiest and most popular option. The Facebook page contains more timely updates pertaining to events, crime, and nearby neighborhood goings on.

Yes, the options are limited but there are a few out there - so take advantage of them.

Without further adieu, say hey to your neighbors, the Board Members of the Pennsport Civic Association:

Dr. James E. Moylan
Margaret Barnes-DelColle
Martin Bernstein
Karen Chizeck
Dennis Daily
Brian Donnelly
Rene Goodwin
Mary Griffith
Edward Kirlin
Brian Newswanger
Thomas Otto

How do you tend to get information about the neighborhood? Do share any tips and tricks in the comments so we can all be informed. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Progress Report: How are those large projects looking?

We have been bringing you steady reports on a few of the larger projects going up in the north end of Pennsport. Whether they have shiny names like "Metropolis", replaced a local landmark, or are finally filling in an empty (and centrally located) lot, they have signaled a changing tide for Pennsport.

So how are they looking at the moment?

Constitution Court

How it came to be:
Interior salvage took place in the early spring with the demolition of the structure Saint John's the Evangelist church starting in earnest this past May.

You remember now, right? (photo by Tug Haines)

What it looks like today:
Realty signs adorn the chain link fence while the foundations signal the new beginning for the former site of Saint John's the Evangelist. 

What it will look like in the near future:
Larger single family units will soon rise on the corner of Moyamensing Avenue and Reed Street. One curb cut leads to parking for each unit. 
Via Philadelphia Real Estate Blog

How it came to be:
A large fire tore through an illegal auto shop that doubled as a (legal) storage unit for Mummers Regalia. If that wasn't enough, a wall collapse officially brought the building down soon thereafter.

Warehouse before the fire/collapse - via Google Maps
What it looks like today:
The first building is nearing completion. Fully customizable units are also being showcased for potential buyers. NoLibs style has made its way to Pennsport.

What it will look like in the near future:
This project features more single family units with private parking and a roof deck. Sense a theme?

Via Philadelphia Real Estate Blog

2nd and Reed Street Project

How it came to be:
A previous fire claimed the old A&P Laminations warehouse site in 2008. It was a large structure fire that took 100 fire fighters to calm the flames. It has since sat vacant and will now house (you guessed it) more condos.

What it looks like today:
Newish chain link fencing now lines the lot. There is also a large hole in the northeast corner of the lot which leads us to believe work should be starting in the near future.

What it will look like in the near future:
This project also features larger, single family units with (wait for it) parking in the rear. Roof decks will also be a selling point. Of all three projects, this one seems more fitting for the neighborhood and should sell quickly given it's proximity to Herron Playground and other neighborhood amenities.

via Philadelphia Real Estate Blog

Monday, September 16, 2013

Brunch Switcheroo: Guerilla Ultima Teams Up with 2nd Street Brew House

Remember that Pennsport brunch mash-up featuring Guerilla Ultima and Buttercream we featured about a week ago? Good news, it looks as though it's still happening - except this time, swap Buttercream Cupcakes (and BYO vodka) for the Two Street craft beer haven we all know and love, 2nd Street Brew House.

Sundays in October from 11am to 3pm, Guerilla Ultima will be serving brunch from the truck as you sip on the finest craft beers Pennsport has to offer. Similar to the previous brunch iteration, severs will take your order and you'll get a numbered flag. "It just made perfect sense," said Robert of Guerilla Ultima.

One of the hangups to the original brunch concept seemed to be about space, or lack thereof. Buttercream offered this explanation - "They (2nd Street Brew House) have beer and tables and more space, so it should work well for all." However, she wouldn't close the door on the future brunch possibilities, " putting a team up for brunch on hold. For now!"

Regardless of the location - it's a huge win for the Pennsport food scene. As Philadelphians, we love our brunch. The soon-to-be Moonshine combined with all of the goodness at The Industry gives the neighborhood a strong brunch scene for Pennsporters of all walks of life to kick that Sunday morning or afternoon off right.

So far, there is no word on if outdoor seating will be available.

As always, we will keep you posted should any more information come our way.

Don't forget to follow Pennsporter on Twitter and "like" the Facebook page for all of the latest updates on your neighborhood.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Gym Proposed for Two Street

A gym that shares a wall with Brown Chicken Brown Cow? Sure!

The readers of this blog have a good sized list of businesses they would like to see come to Pennsport. The list contains extravagant things like a Ghostbuster's themed restaurant at Engine 46 to simple needs like a laundromat with dry cleaning. One of the most common and seemingly obvious is a place to workout. Well, get your lists out Pennsporters - a gym has been proposed for Two Street.

That's the main piece of local business news that came from the Pennsport Civic Association General Membership Meeting at the EOM on Wednesday night. Though the building, located at 1323 S. 2nd Street, goes before the Zoning Board for approval on September 25th - it has been given the go-ahead by the neighborhood.

The building is currently a garage with a large front door that fronts Second Street and stretches to Hancock Street in the rear for a total of 3,000 square feet. It could certainly house a good sized gym in the Cross Fit mold, similar to that of Fearless Athletics* near Hawthorne's at 11th and Fitzwater Street.  As you know, this area of the neighborhood has taken off recently - the presence of Federal Donuts, Herron Playground, and new housing make this the epicenter of the new Pennsport development.

It's only a matter of time before we see more local business come along to service the area but looks as though we can all soon cross "neighborhood gym" off the old list. Now if only w could get that Ghostbuster's restaurant idea off the ground.

As always, we'll keep you posted when more information becomes available.

*Interesting Pennsport Cross Fit Fact: Apparently, Cross Fit workouts are not all that new to the neighborhood. Fearless Athletics apparently got their start doing their workouts underneath 95 at Front and Washington Avenue. They were known as the "Crazy People Working Out Under The Bridge."

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

UPDATE: Brunch, Just Got Interesting

Buttercream Bakery and Brunch Spot? (via Passyunk Post)


Bad news folks - due to some logistical issues securing tables and chairs, the brunch event that would have fused Guerilla Ultima, Buttercream, and ReAnimator Coffee has been temporarily delayed.

Robert from Guerilla Ultima has informed me that he will be at the Dickinson Square Farmers Market this Sunday to serve the market as well as promote the brunch. "We're hoping to make this a consistent thing." Robert said regarding brunch. "It's tricky."

"We hope to grow this in to a Sabrina's or Morning Glory with a Guerilla style twist, all the usual brunch suspects with smokey, bold flavors."

It certainly sounds promising. Be sure to stop by the farmers market to grab some local produce, get your Guerilla Ultima fix, and enjoy the beauty of Dickinson Square Park.

Stay close to the blog and our social sites for more information as it becomes available.

Original Post:

Starting Sunday, September 15th, Guerilla Ultima and Buttercream Cupcakes are teaming up to offer you a creative alternative to your traditional brunch spot. Stop by the shop at the corner of Moyamensing Avenue and Emily Street and you'll be noshin' on homemade biscuits and whatever insanely tasty menu Guerilla Ultima has up his sleeve.

It promises to offer a hybrid restaurant/food truck dining experience unlike any other. Guerilla Ultima will be parked outside the shop and cooking the goodness while servers take your order. You can choose to sit inside to catch the sweet smell of fresh Buttercream cupcakes or outside in the sunshine on Moyamensing Avenue, all while enjoying premium coffee from ReAnimator Coffee Roasters - roasted just up the street a piece in Fishtown.

But hey, let's face it, brunch in Philadelphia is nothing without a good Bloody Mary - so it sounds like if you bring your own vodka, it's going to officially be brunch time. You're not going to want to miss this. 

Remember, they're our neighbors, so let's support one another and keep an eye out for any funny business.

Stay close to the blog or our Twitter account as I'm sure there will be updates in the near future.

Buttercream Bakery & Cafe
2015 East Moyamensing Ave.

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Monday, September 9, 2013

KIDZ NITE is Back For One Night Only

Check out KIDZ NITE. 

Some cool news from the Friends of Jefferson Square Park - KIDZ NITE is back for one night only, Wednesday, September 11th starting at 630pm. Free food and fun will be provided to all who come out. Free food is great but it isn't the best part - there will be an outdoor screen of everyone's favorite live action fairy tale - The Princess Bride.

For those who haven't been out for a KIDZ NITE - it's a a chance to get the kids outside and meet up with a bunch of the new kids and families that are from to the neighborhood. It's also a great way to build the community as a whole and bring awareness to the great resource that is Jefferson Square Park.

The event is free courtesy of the Friends of Jefferson Square Park - please visit their Facebook page for more information and, hey, maybe even get involved.

Jefferson Square Park
4th and Washington Avenue

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Friday, September 6, 2013

UPDATE: Pennsport Civic Association General Membership Meeting is Right Around The Corner

Come to the meeting, get involved (via)
UPDATE: Here are some of the topics that will be discussed at the meeting this Wednesday: 
    Homestead - due by 9/13/2013
    Board of Revisions of Taxes Appeal - due by 10/7/2013

A friendly reminder - the Pennsport Civic Association general membership meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, September 11 at 7pm. It will take place at 138 Moore Street - better known as the EOM.

Unfamiliar with the EOM? It's in the same area as the baseball field on Front and Moore Street. you might remember that it's also the place where the 2Stock Music Festival was held this Summer.

So get involved and see what is going on with our neighborhood. Take the chance to meet some of the people actively trying to make Pennsport a better place for everyone.

In the meantime, if you have a question or would like me to bring something up for the board, shoot it my way in the comments, email, or through social media. I'll try my best to get some answers.

Can't make the meeting? Check back to the blog for a rundown of the ins and outs of what happened.

Pennsport Civic Association General Membership Meeting
EOM Complex

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