Tuesday, September 10, 2013

UPDATE: Brunch, Just Got Interesting

Buttercream Bakery and Brunch Spot? (via Passyunk Post)


Bad news folks - due to some logistical issues securing tables and chairs, the brunch event that would have fused Guerilla Ultima, Buttercream, and ReAnimator Coffee has been temporarily delayed.

Robert from Guerilla Ultima has informed me that he will be at the Dickinson Square Farmers Market this Sunday to serve the market as well as promote the brunch. "We're hoping to make this a consistent thing." Robert said regarding brunch. "It's tricky."

"We hope to grow this in to a Sabrina's or Morning Glory with a Guerilla style twist, all the usual brunch suspects with smokey, bold flavors."

It certainly sounds promising. Be sure to stop by the farmers market to grab some local produce, get your Guerilla Ultima fix, and enjoy the beauty of Dickinson Square Park.

Stay close to the blog and our social sites for more information as it becomes available.

Original Post:

Starting Sunday, September 15th, Guerilla Ultima and Buttercream Cupcakes are teaming up to offer you a creative alternative to your traditional brunch spot. Stop by the shop at the corner of Moyamensing Avenue and Emily Street and you'll be noshin' on homemade biscuits and whatever insanely tasty menu Guerilla Ultima has up his sleeve.

It promises to offer a hybrid restaurant/food truck dining experience unlike any other. Guerilla Ultima will be parked outside the shop and cooking the goodness while servers take your order. You can choose to sit inside to catch the sweet smell of fresh Buttercream cupcakes or outside in the sunshine on Moyamensing Avenue, all while enjoying premium coffee from ReAnimator Coffee Roasters - roasted just up the street a piece in Fishtown.

But hey, let's face it, brunch in Philadelphia is nothing without a good Bloody Mary - so it sounds like if you bring your own vodka, it's going to officially be brunch time. You're not going to want to miss this. 

Remember, they're our neighbors, so let's support one another and keep an eye out for any funny business.

Stay close to the blog or our Twitter account as I'm sure there will be updates in the near future.

Buttercream Bakery & Cafe
2015 East Moyamensing Ave.

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