Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Gym Proposed for Two Street

A gym that shares a wall with Brown Chicken Brown Cow? Sure!

The readers of this blog have a good sized list of businesses they would like to see come to Pennsport. The list contains extravagant things like a Ghostbuster's themed restaurant at Engine 46 to simple needs like a laundromat with dry cleaning. One of the most common and seemingly obvious is a place to workout. Well, get your lists out Pennsporters - a gym has been proposed for Two Street.

That's the main piece of local business news that came from the Pennsport Civic Association General Membership Meeting at the EOM on Wednesday night. Though the building, located at 1323 S. 2nd Street, goes before the Zoning Board for approval on September 25th - it has been given the go-ahead by the neighborhood.

The building is currently a garage with a large front door that fronts Second Street and stretches to Hancock Street in the rear for a total of 3,000 square feet. It could certainly house a good sized gym in the Cross Fit mold, similar to that of Fearless Athletics* near Hawthorne's at 11th and Fitzwater Street.  As you know, this area of the neighborhood has taken off recently - the presence of Federal Donuts, Herron Playground, and new housing make this the epicenter of the new Pennsport development.

It's only a matter of time before we see more local business come along to service the area but looks as though we can all soon cross "neighborhood gym" off the old list. Now if only w could get that Ghostbuster's restaurant idea off the ground.

As always, we'll keep you posted when more information becomes available.

*Interesting Pennsport Cross Fit Fact: Apparently, Cross Fit workouts are not all that new to the neighborhood. Fearless Athletics apparently got their start doing their workouts underneath 95 at Front and Washington Avenue. They were known as the "Crazy People Working Out Under The Bridge."

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