Tuesday, September 24, 2013

In Search of Information: Your Pennsport Civic Association Board Members

1837 S. 2nd Street - Headquarters of the Pennsport Civic Association (via)

I have fielded multiple inquiries since the start of Pennsport pertaining to who is actually on the board of the Pennsport Civic Association.

As you may already know, obtaining information from the official website of Pennsport Civic isn't particularly helpful. Somewhere along the line, it was taken over by unfavorable advertisements and seemingly left on the roadside. However, in this day and age - a website containing official neighborhood information is vital.

Thankfully, Pennsport Civic offers two options for communication and accessing information:

Pennsport Civic Association Email Notifications:
I urge you to email pennsport@aol.com and opt in to the updates provided directly from the Pennsport Civic Association.

By opting in, you will receive important information on elected officials, crime updates, and goings on within the area. You can also submit your questions or concerns via email.

Pennsport Civic Facebook Page:
This is probably the easiest and most popular option. The Facebook page contains more timely updates pertaining to events, crime, and nearby neighborhood goings on.

Yes, the options are limited but there are a few out there - so take advantage of them.

Without further adieu, say hey to your neighbors, the Board Members of the Pennsport Civic Association:

Dr. James E. Moylan
Margaret Barnes-DelColle
Martin Bernstein
Karen Chizeck
Dennis Daily
Brian Donnelly
Rene Goodwin
Mary Griffith
Edward Kirlin
Brian Newswanger
Thomas Otto

How do you tend to get information about the neighborhood? Do share any tips and tricks in the comments so we can all be informed.