Thursday, October 31, 2013

What's Up with All the Airplane Noise? Short Answer: Blame the Wind

"East Flow" by Jackson Pollock, not really (via

If you live in South Philadelphia, you've heard your fair share of air traffic noise recently. Typically, the noise level from PHL and the Penn's Landing Heliport on Columbus Boulevard isn't too bad. In all honesty, unless there is police activity in the sky or a plane soaring though a beautiful sunset, I bet you rarely even think about the aircraft over South Philly. However, a recent post within the South Philly forum of Philadelphia Speaks ponders the recent air traffic volume increase throughout the area.

It seems the "simple" answer is the change in wind direction. "Basically, planes have to land in to the wind," said a fellow Pennsporter with knowledge of air travel operations. "That means runway usage is primarily dictated by wind direction, and traffic flows follow the runway usage."

Because Philly usually has winds out of the west, planes tend to start the landing process over South Jersey and the Delaware River. In fact, according to the FAA's briefing (PDF) on the Airspace Redesign Program, planes from PHL "depart to the west about 70% of the time and to the east about 30% of the time, although the actual amount varies with wind directions." The cloud cover we've been experiencing certainly doesn't help as they reflect airplane noise.

Our fellow Pennsporter backs this up, "recently, the wind has been coming out of the east, an east flow, so departing traffic is climbing and turning over South Philly to head towards their destinations, so we tend to hear more airplane noise."

Sorry folks, it looks like we're in that 30% range for the time being -- so blame the wind for your early morning aircraft wake up calls.  If you want to dig a little further, check out this handy FAQ (PDF) from the Airport Noise Office, including how to contact them in the event you want to file a complaint.


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Monday, October 28, 2013

Groundbreaking at Pier 53 Set for Thursday Morning

Here is the official press release for the groundbreaking event at Pier 53 on Thursday morning. While the odd start time of 11am might make it difficult to attend, do try to make it on Thursday. This is a huge deal for the waterfront as well as the nearby neighborhoods of Queen Village and Pennsport. If you can't take an early lunch, remember that we've been on this since the beginning and we'll continue to keep you posted on all of the developments of the Southern Delaware Waterfront.        


Site of Philadelphia’s historic immigration station and the nation’s first Navy Yard to become the waterfront’s newest pier park
WHEN:   Thursday, October 31, 2013, 11AM
WHERE:  Washington Avenue Green, at Washington Avenue and Columbus Boulevard (between the Coast Guard Station and Sheetmetal Worker’s Union Hall, 1301 S. Columbus Blvd.)
WHAT:  Mayor Michael A. Nutter and the Delaware River Waterfront Corp (DRWC) will break ground for a new pier park on the site of Philadelphia’s historic immigration station and (city or nation’s) first Navy Yard. 
The park’s features will include:

Pier 53 Rendering_061213_FINAL
Rendering of Pier 53 park by AES

  • Public access to the end of the pier and panoramic views of the river
  • An elevated boardwalk as well as access to the river’s edge so visitors can touch the river
  • Public art that recognizes the site’s significance as an immigration station
  • Innovative ecological improvements which will provide environmental and habitat benefits

PROGRAM:  Official groundbreaking with remarks from Mayor Michael A. Nutter; Alan Greenberger, Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development; Lauren Imgrund, Department of Conservation and Natural Resources; Cosmo Servidio, Department of Environmental Protection; and Dr. James Moylan, President of Pennsport Civic Association.  Tom Corcoran, President of DRWCwill serve as master of ceremonies.

 Sheetmetal Workers Union Hall Parking Lot, 1301 S. Columbus Blvd.
DRWC is a 501(c)(3) created in January 2009, exclusively for the benefit of the City of Philadelphia and its citizens. The fundamental purpose of DRWC is to design, develop and manage the central Delaware River waterfront in Philadelphia. DRWC is transforming the waterfront into a vibrant destination for recreational, cultural, and commercial activities for the residents and visitors of Philadelphia.  Learn more about DRWC’s current projects and programs at and more about the Master Plan for the Central Delaware at

The Photo Booth: CrossFit 2St Opens, Farmer's Market Says Goodbye, & Halloween Happens

This is a periodic photo essay of some popular goings on throughout the neighborhood -- we'll call it The Photo Booth. The idea is to profile an event going on in the neighborhood and then snap some pictures for you to see how it went. Have an event you would like to see featured? Shoot me an email and we'll try and make it happen...

CrossFit 2St Opens:
We profiled a couple of fun events this week. First off, CrossFit 2St officially opened up "the box" on Two Street. We brought you the inside scoop when it was first announced and also broke the news about the opening workout. Well, it happened Saturday. Here's how it looked...
The Owners: David Lee & George Caroulis

Opening day at CrossFit 2St

"The Box" is much larger than it looks from the outside

Need motivation? CF2St has it for you

Kettle Bells

Eric and Henry post FedNuts and Yards

Said FedNuts

The community

The Beer

For the pooch

Another year in the books for the Dickinson Square Park Farmer's Market:
This Sunday was the final Farmer's Market of the season for Dickinson Square Park. While you may be disappointed not to be able to get your hands on some local breads, fruits, and veggies, it's also a time to take a step back and celebrate what a wonderful resource it has become for the neighborhood.
Good turnout on the final day
Last chance to get your hand on some local corn

All of a sudden, I'm thinking salsa

How does one choose?

Go with the pretty one

Basket of peppers

Ah, ah, ahhhh -- hands off the peppers

Greens and root vegetables


Romanesco, baby.

Halloween Party at Dickinson Square Park:
During the The Rundown: Halloween in Pennsport, we profiled the family fun happening over at the Halloween Party at Dickinson Square Park. This event saw the kids of Pennsport and the surrounding area come out in droves to show off their colorful costumes and run a muck around DSP. It was amazing to see all of the families come out and be apart of such a fun event. Big ups to all of the volunteers for making this party a great event for the children to let loose and be creative in a safe place. You all rocked it today. 

Kathryn Poole of The South Philly Review took some amazing photos of the event -- you can view the slideshow here.

Kids, bring your adults...

Parsons Building: transformed in to a spooky hall of awesome

The crafts table

The spread was full of sugary goodness
The mummy table
How to get your "mummy" on

Mrs. Pennsporter, getting her "mummy" on


The party spilled out on to the astro-turf, it was awesome

Holy cow! It's Nemo (and a ninja and a dinosaur)!
Bacon and Eggs (with Toast) took the coveted "Top Costume Award"

 Have pictures you would like to share? Send over in an email, Facebook post, or Tweet!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Rundown: Halloween in Pennsport

Welp Pennsport, it's that time of year again -- Halloween is here. Time to change over your bay windows from your Columbus Day decorations and First Holy Communion ribbons to spiders, goblins and Jack-O-Lanterns.

Who am I kidding? By the looks of it, you've been ready for weeks.

Here are a few Halloween things going on around the 'hood to get you in the spooky spirit.

Been Booed:
You may have noticed little signs posted on your neighbor's windows or doors that read "We've Been Boo-ed." It's a fun way to get people in the Halloween spirit. Print out the signs and create a trick or treat for an unsuspecting neighbor. Leave the paper explaining they've "Been Boo-ed" and they pass it on. This is especially fun if you or your neighbor's have kids that will get all hopped up on the candy you give them and run a muck inside their house -- it's the Halloween way! Hate chain letters but love alcohol, try "Been Boo-zed!"

Beetlejuice in the Park:
This Friday, October 25th, there will be a special Halloween edition of KIDZ NITE featuring an outdoor screening of Beetlejuice at Jefferson Square Park starting at 6:30pm. There will be all kinds of goodies and they will be making s'mores. I repeat -- they will be making S'MORES. I will however, not repeat "Beetlejuice" three times fast. It's nothing personal, Michael Keaton, really, it isn't. I loved you in Dream Team.

Dickinson Square Park Halloween Party:
Come on out to good old DSP this Sunday for an afternoon of family Halloween celebration. The party runs from 3pm to 5pm and will feature a costume parade -- so bust out your best because there will be prizes for ALL AGES. There will also be treats, games and crafts for the kids.

Side note: Your help is crucial to the success of this event. If you can lend a hand in any way, please attend the meeting on 10/24 at 6pm in the park for more information. Can't make the meeting? Hit up their Facebook group page or contact or shoot an email to

2nd Street Brew House 3rd Annual Halloween Party:
So, you've "Been Boo-ed", S'more'd up at Jefferson Square Park with Michael Keaton, and won Best Costume at the Dickinson Square Park Halloween Party -- suffice to say, it's been an awesome Halloween for you.

Hold your Hellhounds, November 2nd is the 3rd Annual Halloween Party at 2nd Street Brew House from 12pm to 12am. Guerilla Ultima will be slingin' all kinds of goodness and the cool people at 2SBH will be handing out cash prizes for the best costumes. Top it off with a host of great pumpkin beer on tap (plus their already amazing tap list) and you've got yourself a nice little Saturday planned.

Know of any other Halloween events going on in Pennsport? Drop me a line on Twitter, Facebook, or email and I'll be sure to add it to the list!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Public Meeting Alert: "Washington Avenue Transportation & Parking Study" Comes to Two Street

Your input is needed. (via)

Be it on foot, on a bike or in a car, Washington Avenue is difficult roadway to navigate regardless of your mode of transportation. Bluntly, Wash. Ave. is a mess, yo. Well, put your thinking-caps on because the Philadelphia City Planning Commission (PCPC) is giving you a forum to speak your mind about the ongoing "Washington Avenue Transportation & Parking Study" - something they hope will help to make it easier for pedestrians, bikers, and drivers alike.

Come on out to the Mummer's Museum tomorrow night from 6pm to 730pm for a public meeting and give PCPC your input on how to improve the transportation and parking situation along Washington Avenue.

PCPC will look to talk about enforcement and safety on Washington Avenue, share information on parking and loading conditions and look to shine some light on a few alternative roadway configurations for possible future plans of the Avenue.

This is important to Pennsport (and you) for a few reasons: (1) Washington Avenue is as important as it is confusing to Pennsport and visitors alike. It's the northern entrance to the neighborhood and yet the stretch from Fourth Street to Columbus Boulevard splits in to semi "local" and "express" lanes, making it difficult and dangerous to navigate on foot, by car, on bike and even through SEPTA. Need a concrete example? Try and explain to anyone what on Earth is going on near the new Dunkin' Donuts and you'll probably get a medal.

While it isn't specifically mentioned, the development of Washington Avenue Green plans for the development of the (2) Washington Avenue Connector Street. With Race Street as an example, you'll see that the section from Columubus Boulevard to at least Front Street will hopefully be revitalized and re-imagined. This is huge for both WAG and Washington Avenue -- more access to the Delaware River and an overall safer experience at those intersections and sidewalks.

Lastly (3), this is a terrific and accessible way to have your voice heard. It also provides a nice introduction to the community meeting setting - so, get involved and take part, your presence and voice truly can truly a difference!

Can't make the meeting but still want to take part? Send questions or concerns to Jeannette Brugger of PCPC at

(h/t to Sean Mellody and Michelle Lee for calling this meeting to my attention, thanks for the tip and your support.)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

CrossFit 2 St. Announces Grand Opening Workout Event

Fitness is right around the corner

Dust off your kettle bells, the CrossFit gym we told you about in September is nearing completion -- CrossFit 2 St. will host a Grand Opening celebration on October 26th from 11am to 5pm at the new shop on Two Street.

Owners/coaches David Lee and George Caroulis will be on hand to introduce you to CrossFit 2 St. as well as answer any questions you may have about the various workouts and techniques. The first Workout of the Day, or WOD, will be held around 11am. It's completely free and gives you the chance to get an introduction to the CrossFit lifestyle from coaches with over five years experience.

"We both have been coming down for the Mummer's for years and have always loved the area" said co-owner, David Lee "We really fell in love [with Pennsport] and when we found the location on Two Street -- we were sold 100%."

Still not sure about the whole moving-your-body-thing? Then at least come for the food and friends part. The event looks to build upon the strength and sense of the community that is CrossFit by providing an introduction to the training as well as incorporating the fun of Two Street. "We are in the process of partnering up with local vendors like Yards Brewery, The Industry, and Federal Donuts to name a few [for the event]" added Lee. "We are very excited to join this great neighborhood."

Whether you're coming on October 26th to get fit or get fed, chances are good that your definition of the word "burpee" will never be the same.

Here are some pictures from their Facebook page:

Pre-CrossFit 2 St. - there will be no lifting of the car, I think

Seriously diggin' this logo
A sneak peak inside CrossFit 2 St. - note the Gambone Auto Body sign

The Rundown
Who: CrossFit 2 St. Web - Twitter - Facebook - Instagram
What: CrossFit 2 St. Grand Opening
When: 10/26 from 11am to 5pm
Where: 1323 South 2nd Street (between Wharton and Reed Sts.)

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Photo Set: Pennsport Brunch Mash Up

The first iteration of the Pennsport Brunch Mash Up kicked off on Sunday and it did not disappoint. Here are some photos of the goodness.

Remember, Guerilla Ultima will be serving brunch at 2nd Street Brew House (2nd/Morris St) every Sunday from 11am to 3pm. 

Did you happen to snap any pictures? Email me, and I'll include them in this post!

Don't sleep on that Brisket "Hashish"

The makings of a mash up

Good crowd posted up at the bar

Here is the lineup for 2SBH - Rock, Paper, Scissors Tourney next week

Ahhhh, the Brisket "Hashish"

Here is a bear-like Tibetan Mastiff that wanted to get in on some Ultima action

Friday, October 4, 2013

Pennsport at the Forefront of $5 Million Grant to Increase Waterfront Access

Southern Waterfront Section, almost the entirety of the Pennsport Waterfront (via DRWC)

The Delaware River Waterfront Corporation (DRWC) and the William Penn Foundation held a press conference on Thursday announcing a $5 million grant that will completely change the current landscape of the Central Delaware River and further implement the Master Plan for the Central Delaware River. The plan centers on the development of Pier 68, a southern multipurpose trail and the Tasker Street Connector. That's right, Pennsport is right in the thick of things.

The Pennsport Plan:
The meat and potatoes of this announcement is built around developing the section of the Delaware River waterfront south of Pier 53/Washington Avenue Green through Pier 70.  We profiled this plan back in April after Joe Forkin, Vice President of Operations and Development with the DRWC, spoke at length about the emphasis being placed on the Pennsport waterfront, especially due to the viability of Pier 68.

Overhead rendering of Pier 68, the cornerstone of today's announcement (via Plan Philly)

Today's announcement reaffirmed and expanded upon the notes from the meeting in April. As you can see in this article from Plan Philly, the structure of Pier 68 has been deemed viable out to 390 feet, that's up from 350 feet at the April meeting. On top of that, plans have surfaced for the use of Pier 68 -- a public fishing pier with potential for recreational watercraft. That shouldn't come as a huge surprise as it was revealed in the April meeting that Pier 68 was currently, albeit illegally, being used in that capacity (as well as a tugboat landing) and that the DRWC was looking to design a project around the wetlands.

However, some interesting news comes in the form of the possibility of Philadelphia holding a Bassmaster's Fishing Tournament sometime in August of 2014 at Penn's Landing. The DRWC is looking to have Pier 68 completed in time for the tournament in order to showcase the new public fishing opportunities on the Delaware River on a national stage.

This news, coupled with the timeline of Pier 53 scheduled for completion in the Summer/Fall 2014, and you're looking at a total sea-change for the Pennsport waterfront in around a years time.

The Neighborhood Connection:
Given that the Delaware River is separated from the neighborhood by Columbus Boulevard (and I-95), the DRWC has had to get creative in answering how the public will be able to access these beautiful new parks. The answer lies in connector streets.

Much like the two new connector streets (Race St. and Spring Garden St.) that provide access to the river in to the neighborhood it borders, Pennsport will have access by way of the Washington Avenue Connector and the newly announced Tasker Street Connector.

Currently, the rail road tracks and Columbus Boulevard, combined with the limited land access at the old Foxwood's site at Reed Street, make it impossible for pedestrians to enter or exit the trail from points other than Washington Avenue in the north or the Walmart parking lot in the south. However, a properly constructed Tasker Street Connector will connect the neighborhood, provide multiple points of access to the trail as well as beautify and improve pedestrian safety around the area -- which is sorely needed.

If everything goes according to plan, knock on wood, we could be looking at completely different waterfront in Pennsport by the end of the Summer of 2014. Frankly, that's an exciting prospect. The DRWC has a vision that contains comprehensive plan for the river and has been aggressive in obtaining the land needed to transform the stretch of water from Pier 53 to Pier 70 from under utilized land of forgotten piers into a focal point for wetland preservation, natural beauty, and neighborhood enjoyment.

Please share your thoughts on this announcement in the comments sections, on Twitter (@pennsporter), on Facebook, or by email (

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Brunch Alert: Pennsport Brunch Mash-Up is Sunday

I know it sounds crazy but the weekend is rapidly approaching and we all know what that means - you need brunch plans. Let's face it, brunch is probably the single greatest meal outside of Thanksgiving Dinner and that only happens once a year.

Hyperbole aside, there is a reason for this post - the Pennsport Brunch Mash-Up featuring Guerilla Ultima and 2nd Street Brew House is happening this Sunday, October 5th from 11am to 3pm. You've wanted more options to come to Pennsport and well, here you go.

So, turn up at 2nd and Morris this Sunday for a brunch only Pennsport can serve up.