Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Public Meeting Alert: "Washington Avenue Transportation & Parking Study" Comes to Two Street

Your input is needed. (via)

Be it on foot, on a bike or in a car, Washington Avenue is difficult roadway to navigate regardless of your mode of transportation. Bluntly, Wash. Ave. is a mess, yo. Well, put your thinking-caps on because the Philadelphia City Planning Commission (PCPC) is giving you a forum to speak your mind about the ongoing "Washington Avenue Transportation & Parking Study" - something they hope will help to make it easier for pedestrians, bikers, and drivers alike.

Come on out to the Mummer's Museum tomorrow night from 6pm to 730pm for a public meeting and give PCPC your input on how to improve the transportation and parking situation along Washington Avenue.

PCPC will look to talk about enforcement and safety on Washington Avenue, share information on parking and loading conditions and look to shine some light on a few alternative roadway configurations for possible future plans of the Avenue.

This is important to Pennsport (and you) for a few reasons: (1) Washington Avenue is as important as it is confusing to Pennsport and visitors alike. It's the northern entrance to the neighborhood and yet the stretch from Fourth Street to Columbus Boulevard splits in to semi "local" and "express" lanes, making it difficult and dangerous to navigate on foot, by car, on bike and even through SEPTA. Need a concrete example? Try and explain to anyone what on Earth is going on near the new Dunkin' Donuts and you'll probably get a medal.

While it isn't specifically mentioned, the development of Washington Avenue Green plans for the development of the (2) Washington Avenue Connector Street. With Race Street as an example, you'll see that the section from Columubus Boulevard to at least Front Street will hopefully be revitalized and re-imagined. This is huge for both WAG and Washington Avenue -- more access to the Delaware River and an overall safer experience at those intersections and sidewalks.

Lastly (3), this is a terrific and accessible way to have your voice heard. It also provides a nice introduction to the community meeting setting - so, get involved and take part, your presence and voice truly can truly a difference!

Can't make the meeting but still want to take part? Send questions or concerns to Jeannette Brugger of PCPC at jeannette.brugger@phila.gov.

(h/t to Sean Mellody and Michelle Lee for calling this meeting to my attention, thanks for the tip and your support.)


  1. Glad to see the writeup, James! I can't make the meeting this evening, but emailed Jeanette with some thoughts.

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