Monday, October 28, 2013

The Photo Booth: CrossFit 2St Opens, Farmer's Market Says Goodbye, & Halloween Happens

This is a periodic photo essay of some popular goings on throughout the neighborhood -- we'll call it The Photo Booth. The idea is to profile an event going on in the neighborhood and then snap some pictures for you to see how it went. Have an event you would like to see featured? Shoot me an email and we'll try and make it happen...

CrossFit 2St Opens:
We profiled a couple of fun events this week. First off, CrossFit 2St officially opened up "the box" on Two Street. We brought you the inside scoop when it was first announced and also broke the news about the opening workout. Well, it happened Saturday. Here's how it looked...
The Owners: David Lee & George Caroulis

Opening day at CrossFit 2St

"The Box" is much larger than it looks from the outside

Need motivation? CF2St has it for you

Kettle Bells

Eric and Henry post FedNuts and Yards

Said FedNuts

The community

The Beer

For the pooch

Another year in the books for the Dickinson Square Park Farmer's Market:
This Sunday was the final Farmer's Market of the season for Dickinson Square Park. While you may be disappointed not to be able to get your hands on some local breads, fruits, and veggies, it's also a time to take a step back and celebrate what a wonderful resource it has become for the neighborhood.
Good turnout on the final day
Last chance to get your hand on some local corn

All of a sudden, I'm thinking salsa

How does one choose?

Go with the pretty one

Basket of peppers

Ah, ah, ahhhh -- hands off the peppers

Greens and root vegetables


Romanesco, baby.

Halloween Party at Dickinson Square Park:
During the The Rundown: Halloween in Pennsport, we profiled the family fun happening over at the Halloween Party at Dickinson Square Park. This event saw the kids of Pennsport and the surrounding area come out in droves to show off their colorful costumes and run a muck around DSP. It was amazing to see all of the families come out and be apart of such a fun event. Big ups to all of the volunteers for making this party a great event for the children to let loose and be creative in a safe place. You all rocked it today. 

Kathryn Poole of The South Philly Review took some amazing photos of the event -- you can view the slideshow here.

Kids, bring your adults...

Parsons Building: transformed in to a spooky hall of awesome

The crafts table

The spread was full of sugary goodness
The mummy table
How to get your "mummy" on

Mrs. Pennsporter, getting her "mummy" on


The party spilled out on to the astro-turf, it was awesome

Holy cow! It's Nemo (and a ninja and a dinosaur)!
Bacon and Eggs (with Toast) took the coveted "Top Costume Award"

 Have pictures you would like to share? Send over in an email, Facebook post, or Tweet!


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