Friday, November 15, 2013

Anchorman 2 Midnight Private Screening Ticket Offer Collabo Between The Industry and The P.O.P.E

One thousand one *grunts*, one thousand two *groans*, one thousand three, oh, my guns - they burn! Oh, hello there. I wasn't expecting anyone in this post.

While you're here friend, you should probably know that The Industry and The P.O.P.E have teamed up for one impressive offer -- tickets to a special midnight showing of Anchorman 2 (with a pint at each pub) for $20 a piece.

Here's proof:

Tickets are for a midnight showing on 12/19 at the Riverview at Columbus Blvd. and Reed Street. Don't act like you're not impressed because to top it off, those who purchase tickets will be entered in to a raffle to win "swell" prizes.

To recap: $20 gets you a ticket a private midnight showing of Anchorman 2, two pints (one at The Industry and one at The P.O.P.E), a raffle entry and an evening chock full of memorable quotes and 70s Polyester Suits. It all starts at 7pm on 12/19.

You love Anchorman, you love The Industry, you love The P.O.P.E, you love lamp - so what are you waiting for? Head to either bar to pick up your tickets soon, these won't be available for long.

Still not convinced? Here's the trailer to change your mind.

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