Thursday, December 19, 2013

Bicycle Coalition's 2nd Annual Holiday Lights Ride is Tonight

The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia will be leading their "2nd Annual Holiday Lights Ride" tonight at 530pm starting in the parking lot of Performance Bicycle, 1300 South Columbus Boulevard (map).

That's right, bikers -- your long holiday weekend kicks off tonight in good old Pennsport.

You may or may not see this tonight at the Holiday Lights Ride - via Momentum Mag

The seven-miler through the streets of South Philly (following the rules of the road, of course) will look to spread all kinds of holiday cheer throughout its ride by not only visiting the "impressive light displays" in the area but also by encouraging riders to "deck yourself or your ride in lights and bells." Basically, you love the holiday lights in South Philly, so why not be a part of a 100+ person mobile light display?

It all culminates in a post-ride social hour over at Cavanaugh's Headhouse Square from 7 to 9pm, where $10 gets you two drinks and an appetizer at the bar in a dedicated room on the 2nd floor. There has been no word on whether or not eggnog will be served in official holiday glassware but you are certainly welcome to start any and every conversation with the travel monologue from Elf.

And yes, it may be cold tonight so bundle up. Think of it as a much cooler version of your office holiday party. 

Here is the forecast for tonight - if you believe that sort of stuff (link)

The ride is for Bicycle Coalition members only but you can easily join right now and get in on some holiday cheer tonight by signing up here. Given that bicycle ridership is on the rise, the Bicycle Coalition is a valuable resource to the local biking community.

Side, but slightly related, note: you can now tweet #UnblockBikeLanes directly to the Philadelphia Parking Authority if you see a car blocking a designated bike lane. I'd imagine could see some heavy usage tonight.


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