Monday, December 9, 2013

UPDATED:Fingers Crossed:Something is Going On at Mount Sinai

Mount Sinai, or "Divine Lorraine of South Philadelphia" as it's been called, may soon see a revitalization. Developers will present future plans for Mt. Sinai in a meeting this Thursday, December 12th at 7pm at Mt. Moriah Temple Baptist Church (410 Wharton Street). The meeting will be in front of the Dicksinson Square West Civic Association and will be open to the public (hint: you're going to want to check this out.)

UPDATE (12/11/13): The Pennsport Civic Association will also hold a meeting regarding the future development of Mount Sinai.

Here are the details via an email from Pennsport Civic Association:
MondayDecember, 16, 2013, 7:00 p.m. at EOM, 138 Moore Street, the applicant/developer/attorney for the Mt. Sinai property which is located at 4th & Reed Street (Reed to Dickinson -4th -5th Street) will present to the community the proposal for development at the site.

Detailed information about the proposal, including site plans, renderings of the buildings, descriptions of use, traffic patterns, etc. will be presented

Mount Sinai
Rumors have been swirling about the sale and  future development of the site, both in print and within the neighborhood. Well, it looks like we'll soon find out just what developers have in store for the old hospital and long time eyesore of a community seeing a huge resurgence.

Here are the details straight from the Dickinson Square West Civic Association:
This Thursday, December 12th, 7 PM, Mt Moriah (410 Wharton), the applicant/developer of the Mt Sinai property, which encompasses Reed to Dickinson, 4th to 5th Streets, will make a formal presentation to the Dickinson Square West Civic Association Zoning Committee and all residents, regarding the proposals for development of the site.  Detailed information about the proposal, including site plans, renderings of the buildings, description of the proposed uses, intended parking and traffic solutions, etc. will be presented.  All interested residents are welcomed to attend.  Although no formal vote will be taken, the applicant will entertain questions, comments, and suggestions.

One only has to look at the new development around Mt. Sinai to realize something is probably in the works. You simply don't build new houses, with values in the $300k-$400k range, around this type of property without someone knowing something.

Hopefully, this meeting signals a genuine new beginning for the once proud hospital that opened way back in 1905.

As always, we'll keep you posted with any information as it becomes available.

*Hat tip to Mark Berman and Tug Haines for the heads up on this information.
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