Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Mount Sinai Redevlopment Plans Presented in Pennsport, Follow Along with #MtSinaiPHL

The presentation for the redevelopment of the former Mount Sinai Hospital (4th & Reed Sts.) took place Monday night at the EOM in front of the Pennsport Civic Association as well as nearby neighbors. It was similar to meeting on Thursday night at Mount Moriah Temple Baptist Church, although some different concerns were brought up by some neighbors on hand at the EOM, mainly pertaining to need (or lack thereof) for the commercial space on Fourth Street.

 The key focus of the presentation, given by Jeff DiRomaldo of Barton Partners and accompanied by Attorney Richard DeMarco and developer Gagan Lakhmna, was to address how the projects plans to fill the "voids" on the edges of the property left by a hospital vacant since 1997.

To clarify the apartment situation, the developers explained that they currently cannot give an estimate of  "market rate" monthly rental prices per unit at this time. However, they were able to provide a breakout of the 198 rental units. These details weren't discussed at the previous meeting and provide some insight as to the type of renter that this project looks to attract. 

66 - Studios
32 - One Bedroom
62 - One Bedroom with Den
32 - Two Bedrooms
6 - Two Bedrooms with Den 

These number show that 160 of the 198 units are one bedroom or smaller. Combine these numbers with the "80 bike and two car share spaces" mentioned at Thursday's meeting and it's clear that parking and alternative transportation is at the forefront of any plans. Given that Philadelphia is the "most biked city in the US" and is close to launching a city wide bike sharing platform, it seems that this project could look to attract more bikes and SEPTA riders to the area.

Also, Kellie Patrick Gates has a great recap of the meeting with quotes from Dr. James Moylan over at PlanPhilly - do give it a read if you have the chance. 

I tried to "live-tweet" the meeting on Monday. Any development pertaining to the new Mount Sinai plan will be accessible using the tag #MtSinaiPHL on Twitter and Facebook. Updates will also be provided here on the blog just in case.

Here is the rundown from the #MtSinaiPHL meeting held at EOM on 12/16:

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