Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Put Down Your Guns on New Year's Day and Let's Start 2014 on the Good Foot!

The Philadelphia Police Department generally wants you to not be a knucklehead. That's especially the case when it comes to putting people's lives in legitimate danger by channeling your inner Yosemite Sam and firing your gun in to the air to "ring in the New Year." Yee haw, am I right!?

Wrong. In case this in your type of thing, the Philadelphia Police Department will be beefing up it's presence around that magical hour between New Year's Eve and Day to arrest any person firing a weapon in celebration (as well as in malice, I presume.)

This isn't 1800's - Put the gun down on New Year's - via

Put down the pistols and enjoy the sounds of the fireworks, or string bands, or car horns, or pretty much any other noise that firing a bullet in the sky.

Philly Police Officer Brian Greer, who is a great follow on Twitter, dropped some wisdom:

Here is the email directly from Captain Michael Ryan, Commanding Officer of the 3rd Police District (emphasis is mine):

To our neighbors:

As the New Year approaches I would like to remind all of our neighbors of the dangers of using firearms to “ring in” the New Year.

Some may believe firing a gun in the air is harmless. This is not the case. Firing a handgun, rifle, or shotgun in the air is a dangerous and illegal practice that may result in injury and death.

The bullets fired in the air will fall to the ground at speeds that can injure and kill someone if they are the unfortunate target.

The 3rd Police District will have additional officers on patrol during the hours of the arrival of the New Year with the sole purpose of arresting anyone firing guns in celebration. The District Attorney is aware of the dangers of this practice and will ensure violators are prosecuted.

Please take this message to family, friends, and neighbors who may believe this practice is an acceptable form of celebration. Remind them it is dangerous and illegal.

I wish you the best in the coming year. Be assured the officers of the 3rd Police District are committed to making your neighborhood safe.

Captain Michael Ryan
Commanding Officer 
3rd Police District

Also, let's start 2014 off on the good foot. Be an awesome neighbor and help to clean up the neighborhood this New Year's. Whether it's your front gutter, a corner grate, an empty lot or while you walk the streets, every little bit helps. As cheesy as that sounds, it's so damn true, just take a look at the comments in this recent Facebook post.

Post by Pennsporter.
Happy New Year's!


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