Monday, December 9, 2013

The First Snow of the Season - Pennsport Snow Pics

First off, let this be a virtual "Happy Holidays" card from Pennsporter. I can't tell you how much I appreciate all of your support by reading the blog and taking an interest in this wonderful neighborhood we call home. Seriously, yous guys rock.

As you know, it snowed a whole lot on Sunday (Go Birds!) and I put out a plea on Facebook/Twitter for you to send in your Pennsport Snow Pics and, like always, you came through! Here is how your neighbors saw the first snow of the winter season.

Have some snow pics you want to share? Send them over to pennsporter (at) gmail (dot) com -- I'll keep this an "open thread" of sorts until you're either sick of snow pics or multiple yellow snow pics are received.


Take a look at these shot from above the 200 block of Mifflin Street taken by Erika Smith:
Furness High School in the background (Erika Smith)

Just a dusting at this point (Erika Smith)

A peek at Galloway Street (Erika Smith)

Christopher D'Emillio hit us up on Instagram with this beauty of the first snow on Philip Street. It won this week's Facebook Cover 'Gram Contest! He takes some great shots of the neighborhood. Give him a follow!

Moyamensing Avenue looking amazing? Why I never...

Also, check out this snowy photo gallery from Dickinson Square Park!

Can't get enough of the snowy holiday season? Take this brief survey. Not only will you help make Pennsporter even better but you'll be entered to win two (2) VIP Passes to Waterfront Winterfest, compliments of our awesome partners at the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation!

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