Monday, January 27, 2014

Pennsport Contest: Monthly Newsletter, Blue Cross RiverRink Passes, & Instagram Marshmallows

During the Pennsporter Survey of Awesome, the masses called out for something that would keep them better in touch with the goings on in Pennsport. The vast majority of yous wanted a non-spammy newsletter. Welp, information hungry Pennporters, I've heard your call and I'm looking to give a little back to you in the process.

The Blue Cross RiverRink at Waterfront Winterfest (via DRWC)

Subscribe to the Pennporter Monthly Newsletter and you'll be entered to win some sweet prizes. Up for grabs are passes to the Blue Cross RiverRink at Waterfront Winterfest. These passes hold the unique power of allowing the holder access to an ice skating session without having to pay -- yes, free admission to the Blue Cross RiverRink.

What, a free skate at one of the coolest winter attractions in Philadelphia isn't enough for you? Well, how about a grand prize, then?

Everyone who signs up for the Pennsporter Monthly Newsletter will be entered for the grand prize -- two passes to the Blue Cross RiverRink and an exclusive pack of custom marshmallows with your absolute favorite Pennsporter Instagram posts PRINTED ON THE 'MALLOW. Not only are they the coolest marshmallows you've ever seen, they're also delicious.

The Mummers Museum and Stella in your hot cocoa

There are nine marshmallows in the pack and that means there are nine different Pennsporter Instagram pics for you to savor with you hot cocoa while enjoying a free skate on the Blue Cross RiverRink underneath the Ben Franklin Bridge.

The only thing I ask (besides subscribing to the newsletter, of course) is that you snap a pic of your custom marshmallow nestled in a steaming cup of hot cocoa at Waterfront Winterfest and tag @Pennsporter on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!

Please note:

These marshmallows are made by BOOMF. The ingredient list is directly from their website and listed as followed:
Glucose-fructose syrup, sugar, water, gelatine, dextrose, maize starch, acidulant: lactic acid, natural vanilla flavouring. Colouring may contain all or some of the following: water, humectant E442, E102, E122, E133, acidifier E330, preservative E202.

Boomf are gluten free. They are made in a kitchen that uses nuts. The gelatine is porcine, so they are not suitable for vegetarians and they are not halal or kosher. Each Boomf is 24 kcal.

The lineup: Pretty confident it's the first time Philip Hone has ever been on a marshmallow (bottom middle)

You get the 'mallows, not the mugs, sorry.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Final Days for Norman's Juvenile Furniture-- Auction Starts Today

Norman’s Juvenile Furniture will be selling off their remaining stock in an online only bidding auction starting today at 3pm and running through Monday, January 27th at 12pm. We first brought you the news in November that Norman’s was closing up shop after 60 years of business in Pennsport, leaving a large storefront potentially up for grabs on Two Street.

Comly Auction and Appraisers is in charge of the auction and looks to have plenty of options for those in the market for baby furniture and products. Here’s a look at the lot from the listing:

“Cribs, Dressers, Hutches, Dressing Tables, Captain Beds, Sleigh Beds, Twin Beds, Armoires, Asst. Night Tables, 4, 5 & 6 Drawer Chests, Asst. Bookcases, Asst. Headboards & Footboards, Bed Frames, Bed Springs & Mattresses, Bed Rails, Mirrors.

Closet Organizers, Graco & Inglisina Strollers, Graco Travel System, Graco & Perego Car Seats, Lamps, Musical Mobiles, Asst. Baby Tubs, Diaper Bags, Pillows, Crib Bumpers, Crib Quilts, Asst. Potty Chairs, Kolcraft Activity/Walker/Bouncer, Laugh & Learn Bouncers, Asst. Ottomans, Bedding Sets, Blanket Racks, Metal Racks, Baby Accessories & Toys, Clothing, Bibs, Socks & Sleep Sac, Towel Sets, Feeding Products, Wall Hangings, Hygiene Sets, Etc.”

You may also remember that the site of Norman's old storage facility, a large warehouse on Front Street, is listed for sale on Craigslist for $2.75m - where "money talks and B.S. walks" for the "only warehouse left in the neighborhood."

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Hey, Neighbor! You Do You Reps Pennsport at EP Release Show

I'm excited to debut a new segment here on Pennsporter - Hey, Neighbor! The idea is to showcase some of the awesome people of Pennsport who are not only talented but also have a passion for the neighborhood and rep it everyday through their amazing work. 

All photos are courtesy of fellow Pennsporter, Tug Haines. If you're looking for a versatile photographer, you can find contact Tug through his website.


"We'll guestlist you." 

With that simple statement, a short one-line email from You Do You band member Crills Wilson, I knew I had stumbled upon something special. There are few statements that we are able to say unironically that make us really feel like someone. "I'm with the band," is most definitely one of them.

You Do You is (L to R) Crills Wilson, Katie Feeney, Aaron Boczkowski, Alex Baranowski, and Drew Parker

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Norman's Juvenile Furniture's Large Warehouse on Front Street is On the Market

You may remember that we broke the news back in November that Norman's Juvenile Furniture, a staple on Two Street for 60 years, was closing up shop. It turns out that isn't the only building with ties to Norman's on the market. Billed as the "only warehouse left in the neighborhood," the former storehouse for Norman's located at 1420 S. Front Street is listed on Craigslist for $2.75m. Much like with the shop on Two Street, which isn't for sale as of yet, this property offers a significant opportunity for the Front Street Corridor.

Here's the warehouse with a Norman's van parked in front, adjoining lot on the right is also for sale. (via Google Maps)

Friday, January 17, 2014

Get Involved in Pennsport for the Annual MLK Day of Service

Get involved on Monday for the Annual MLK Day of Service (via)

Have you been looking for a place to volunteer your time? Well, Monday is the annual Martin Luther Kind Jr. Day of Service around the nation and there are plenty of events in the Pennsport area to help out and lend a hand.

We're going to stick to the places in an around Pennsport but our friends over at The Passyunk Post have a dandy interactive map for all of the registered events throughout South Philly. Give it a look and share it with your fellow South Philadelphians.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Uncle Oogie's is Open for Business at the Snyder Plaza

"We opened without a sign" said Uncle Oogies Owner Louie Cerone

Don't look now but Pennsport officially has a sit-down pizza joint. Uncle Oogies opened last Wednesday in their new (and enormous) digs in the Snyder Plaza located at 36 Snyder Avenue next to the Rite Aid Pharmacy.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Quick Hits: January Pennsport Civic Association Meeting Recap

As you may be aware, one of the main goals of Pennsporter is to have you get involved in the goings-on in the neighborhood. Whether it's through "Flash Cleanups" or attending local meetings, taking ownership and pride in this community is vital to it's present and future. 

That is why I'm more pleased that usual to share these notes from the January Pennsport Civic Association Meeting because they come from someone who got involved and took part in the community process. This report is from a fellow Pennsporter (and loyal reader) Michelle Lee - who attended the meeting with "the intention of just listening and absorbing" the process. You can find Michelle on Twitter @mishmosh.

Civic Engagement: It's really that simple.

Meetings are held at the EOM (138 Moore St.) on the second Wednesday of every month at 7pm. 
The all too familiar remnants of the parade
Neighborhood Concerns Regarding the Mummer's Parade:

The main order of business focused on the Mummer's Parade on Two Street and some of the issues that arise from having large numbers of drunken revelers in and around the area, many of which treat the area as a public trash dump and, in most cases, an outdoor toilet.

Neighbors had concerns about the use of backpacks to carry alcohol, the excessive amount of underage drinking, and smashed bottles on the parade -- particularly on the side streets.

In regards to the backpacks and underage drinking, someone in attendance shared, "It used to be you left grandma's house with a couple beers snuck under your sweatshirt, than that was it — now kids have 30 beers in a backpack."

The parade is a celebration of the history and culture of Pennsport but it also has some issues that neighbors would like to see resolved in some capacity. Proposed solutions need to be shared next October, when planning for the 2015 parade is in full swing. Mark those calendars.

Editor's note: We featured the most recent safety committee from November right here on the blog and will certainly keep you posted once a date is announced.  Also, don't forget that the Shooting Stars Serenade is this weekend, so expect these street closures. Rain date is January 18th. 

You may want keep your eyes peeled for another "Flash Cleanup" afterwards.

LOOP Deadline Extended, Stories Shared:

The deadline to apply for the LOOP (Longtime Owner Occupants Program) tax relief program was extended to February 17th. If approved for the program, residents' will see their tax bill decrease over 10 years. One resident shared that he had successfully obtained a reduction in his tax bill, while another shared his experience of several months without an official determination despite being told on the phone that he meets all qualifications.

An additional program to support the transition (allowing residents to pay their increased bill in installments, if they're not already doing so through mortgage/escrow — long in place for low-income residents, now extended more broadly) is rolling out soon.

Neighborhood Led Alley Cleanup a Success:

The neighborhood led alley cleanup on November 16th was a success thanks in large part to some "fierce volunteers." Residents have seen a big reduction in mice in and around their houses.

Editor's note: Pennsport Civic runs an amazing Facebook page and email newsletter. I would highly recommend you "like" and subscribe to both. Important information such as the alley cleanup and the Second Street Parade Safety Meeting is shared through these channels.

Special Meeting for the Redevelopment of Mount Sinai:

There will be a special Pennsport Civic meeting held Monday, Jan 27th about the Mt. Sinai redevelopment.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy New Year -- Here's Another Church Demolition for You

Greenwich Street Church/Khmer Palelai Buddhist Temple from Greenwich Street.

It's sadly fitting that we begin the new year with a report about another church demolition in the neighborhood. You may remember from back in May that one of our first major stories happened to be the demolition of Saint John's at 3rd and Reed Sts. to make way for Constitution Court -- it may even be the reason you came to find Pennsporter in the first place. While the construction of Constitution Court has stalled, the news of the on-going demolition at the old Greenwich Street Church (map) will mean one less church and two new, large properties in the neighborhood.