Friday, January 24, 2014

Final Days for Norman's Juvenile Furniture-- Auction Starts Today

Norman’s Juvenile Furniture will be selling off their remaining stock in an online only bidding auction starting today at 3pm and running through Monday, January 27th at 12pm. We first brought you the news in November that Norman’s was closing up shop after 60 years of business in Pennsport, leaving a large storefront potentially up for grabs on Two Street.

Comly Auction and Appraisers is in charge of the auction and looks to have plenty of options for those in the market for baby furniture and products. Here’s a look at the lot from the listing:

“Cribs, Dressers, Hutches, Dressing Tables, Captain Beds, Sleigh Beds, Twin Beds, Armoires, Asst. Night Tables, 4, 5 & 6 Drawer Chests, Asst. Bookcases, Asst. Headboards & Footboards, Bed Frames, Bed Springs & Mattresses, Bed Rails, Mirrors.

Closet Organizers, Graco & Inglisina Strollers, Graco Travel System, Graco & Perego Car Seats, Lamps, Musical Mobiles, Asst. Baby Tubs, Diaper Bags, Pillows, Crib Bumpers, Crib Quilts, Asst. Potty Chairs, Kolcraft Activity/Walker/Bouncer, Laugh & Learn Bouncers, Asst. Ottomans, Bedding Sets, Blanket Racks, Metal Racks, Baby Accessories & Toys, Clothing, Bibs, Socks & Sleep Sac, Towel Sets, Feeding Products, Wall Hangings, Hygiene Sets, Etc.”

You may also remember that the site of Norman's old storage facility, a large warehouse on Front Street, is listed for sale on Craigslist for $2.75m - where "money talks and B.S. walks" for the "only warehouse left in the neighborhood."


  1. Seems like naughty language for a child's furniture store, no?

  2. Like you said its a children's store. . Children arent present get your panties outta a bunch..

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