Friday, January 10, 2014

Quick Hits: January Pennsport Civic Association Meeting Recap

As you may be aware, one of the main goals of Pennsporter is to have you get involved in the goings-on in the neighborhood. Whether it's through "Flash Cleanups" or attending local meetings, taking ownership and pride in this community is vital to it's present and future. 

That is why I'm more pleased that usual to share these notes from the January Pennsport Civic Association Meeting because they come from someone who got involved and took part in the community process. This report is from a fellow Pennsporter (and loyal reader) Michelle Lee - who attended the meeting with "the intention of just listening and absorbing" the process. You can find Michelle on Twitter @mishmosh.

Civic Engagement: It's really that simple.

Meetings are held at the EOM (138 Moore St.) on the second Wednesday of every month at 7pm. 
The all too familiar remnants of the parade
Neighborhood Concerns Regarding the Mummer's Parade:

The main order of business focused on the Mummer's Parade on Two Street and some of the issues that arise from having large numbers of drunken revelers in and around the area, many of which treat the area as a public trash dump and, in most cases, an outdoor toilet.

Neighbors had concerns about the use of backpacks to carry alcohol, the excessive amount of underage drinking, and smashed bottles on the parade -- particularly on the side streets.

In regards to the backpacks and underage drinking, someone in attendance shared, "It used to be you left grandma's house with a couple beers snuck under your sweatshirt, than that was it — now kids have 30 beers in a backpack."

The parade is a celebration of the history and culture of Pennsport but it also has some issues that neighbors would like to see resolved in some capacity. Proposed solutions need to be shared next October, when planning for the 2015 parade is in full swing. Mark those calendars.

Editor's note: We featured the most recent safety committee from November right here on the blog and will certainly keep you posted once a date is announced.  Also, don't forget that the Shooting Stars Serenade is this weekend, so expect these street closures. Rain date is January 18th. 

You may want keep your eyes peeled for another "Flash Cleanup" afterwards.

LOOP Deadline Extended, Stories Shared:

The deadline to apply for the LOOP (Longtime Owner Occupants Program) tax relief program was extended to February 17th. If approved for the program, residents' will see their tax bill decrease over 10 years. One resident shared that he had successfully obtained a reduction in his tax bill, while another shared his experience of several months without an official determination despite being told on the phone that he meets all qualifications.

An additional program to support the transition (allowing residents to pay their increased bill in installments, if they're not already doing so through mortgage/escrow — long in place for low-income residents, now extended more broadly) is rolling out soon.

Neighborhood Led Alley Cleanup a Success:

The neighborhood led alley cleanup on November 16th was a success thanks in large part to some "fierce volunteers." Residents have seen a big reduction in mice in and around their houses.

Editor's note: Pennsport Civic runs an amazing Facebook page and email newsletter. I would highly recommend you "like" and subscribe to both. Important information such as the alley cleanup and the Second Street Parade Safety Meeting is shared through these channels.

Special Meeting for the Redevelopment of Mount Sinai:

There will be a special Pennsport Civic meeting held Monday, Jan 27th about the Mt. Sinai redevelopment.

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