Thursday, January 16, 2014

Uncle Oogie's is Open for Business at the Snyder Plaza

"We opened without a sign" said Uncle Oogies Owner Louie Cerone

Don't look now but Pennsport officially has a sit-down pizza joint. Uncle Oogies opened last Wednesday in their new (and enormous) digs in the Snyder Plaza located at 36 Snyder Avenue next to the Rite Aid Pharmacy.

Two pizza insiders take in the new dining room at Uncle Oogies
The news of it's opening may come as a surprise to Pennsport pizza-aficionados but the soft opening was on purpose. Owner Louie Cerone stressed the customer experience by wanting to "do it right" and not overwhelming the neighborhood and his staff with a rush of customers in it's opening week.

Located in the former Kim's Karate space next to the Rite Aid Pharmacy, the revamped restaurant features a large front area with over 10 tables to actually sit down with your friends or family and enjoy a slice of Old Italian Pizza with a beer or some wine -- yes, this spot is BYOB.

Night delivery service has begun as well, so be on the lookout for flyers around the neighborhood in the near future. Here is the menu.

The part that stood out is the size of the kitchen, prep area, and soon-to-be completed commissary. Manager Mike Gallagher explained that The Snyder Avenue location is where Uncle Oogies will prepare all of there cutlets, meatballs, soups, and catering options for their two other locations on 21st and Oregon Ave. and Sea Isle City.

Old Italian (top left) and friends

Front seating area

New sign as it was being installed

For more information, follow Uncle Oogies on Twitter and Like them on Facebook.


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