Tuesday, February 25, 2014

EOM Hosts Yoga Every Wednesday with BiggieSmallz Yoga

While it's difficult to believe due to the frigid temps, we've actually moved on to the cusp of spring time and that means exercise. The fine folks over at the EOM (138 Moore Street) have you covered by offering a yoga session every Wednesday evening from 7pm to 8pm.

Don't Worry: Certified Yoga Instructor Larkin Silverman insisted the classes at EOM were for all skill levels (via Facebook)

The classes are taught by certified yoga instructor Larkin Silverman of BiggieSmallz Yoga, who describes the sessions as " flowing practice" intended for participants of all skill levels. Yoga can be quite expensive, but not here in Pennsport, as each class is offered for a suggested donation of $5 -- just make sure you bring your own mat, water, and towel.

Still on the fence about giving yoga a try? Here's the lowdown straight from Larkin:
"In this cold winter, most of us hold our bodies tight and stiff. This class is about building some internal heat, getting your blood pumping, and finding an energetic sense of ease in the body. This class will help you drop expectations about what your body can and cannot do and help you cultivate some quiet relief in you like to peel away stress, fatigue, and anxiety."
Yeah. That sounds incredible.

The weekly yoga sessions kicked off last Wednesday and have become a hit with the ladies in the neighborhood. "Right now we have about ten students," mentioned Larkin. "[They're] a fearless band of older South Philly women who walk every morning around 6am to exercise together and build community." She also mentioned they've brought their daughters along to help fill out the class.

We like to harp on the community building element to help further the neighborhood and make it a better place. This is certainly an opportunity to stretch those muscles and meet some of your fellow Pennsporters -- yes, even you dudes out there as well. "We are really missing a male presence in the class," she mentioned.

The EOM has long been a pillar within the neighborhood since 1961 by providing boys and girls of all ages a safe place to participate in organized activities ranging from sports to dance to after school programs. Larkin says that the yoga sessions wouldn't have gotten off the ground without the help of Ed McBride, EOM's President. "He has been super supportive and accommodating and worked with the civic association to create space for us on the EOM schedule. We have moved the class upstairs from the banquet hall (Ed. note: where the civic association meetings are held) for a bit more intimacy and a warmer space."

Can't make the classes but still want to see yoga grow in Pennsport? Please consider donating new equipment like mats, straps, and blocks to the EOM to help the center continue its growth.

Larkin Silverman can also be found on Twitter -- @LarkinSilv

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