Thursday, February 13, 2014

Group Hug with #WhyILovePhilly on Valentine's Day

Hipster Stella Dog loves Philly and totally used the #WhyILovePhilly tag, like, before @PhillyLoveNotes

Yo, who's the place that loves you back? That's right, Philly. So, why not show your love by sharing your favorite things about Philly on your favorite social networks this Valentine's Day with #WhyILovePhilly?

It's simple: tag any of your hashtag-able, Philly-loving posts on Twitter, Instagram, and yes, even Facebook (seriously, you can use hashtags in Facebook posts) with #WhyILovePhilly and you're doing your part to spread the love.

Let's face it, you're going to be stuck at home tomorrow due to the Snownado and chances are very high that you'll be twiddling on your social networks all day. So why not get prepped for the Philly love-fest early and invite your friends to tag #WhyILovePhilly as well.

Like, Share, and Retweet all of those tags post that really speak to why you love Philly so damn much that it reminds you about the time you got that unfortunately placed tattoo of Benjamin Franklin that you've never mentioned to your parents.

Visit the website for more info and to look at #WhyILovePhilly tagged pictures to get some inspiration.

While you're at it: give PhillyLoveNotes and Young Involved Philly a shout out throughout Valentine's Day to make your #WhyILovePhilly experience complete.

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