Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Let's Roll: Photo Tour of the USS Somerset at Penn's Landing

The USS Somerset, a United States Navy warship honoring the passengers and crew of Flight 93, is currently docked at Penn's Landing. The final public tours of this incredible ship are Wednesday, February 26th from 1pm to 4pm. If you can spare the two or so hours for the experience of a tour, I would highly recommend stepping aboard just to see the enormity and meticulous design of this ship.

The USS Somerset is set to be commissioned at Penn's Landing on March 1st starting at 11am with public tours following the ceremony. You can watch the commissioning live through this website.

All photos are taken by Pennsporter and Chris W. Stein.

The USS Somerset as seen from the Market Street parking bridge (via Pennsporter)

The stern of the USS Somerset (Via Pennsporter)

Take a bow, Bow (via Pennsporter)

The line was long as groups of 25 people were let in at a time (via Pennsporter)

The entrance gives you an idea of the enormity of this ship (via Pennsporter)

Display of ranking officers as your enter the ship (via Pennsporter)

Rear doors of the ship open and act as a docking and loading station (via Pennsporter)

This tank can house up to 24 Marines at one time (via Chris W. Stein)

Some of the equipment found within the tank (via Pennsporter)

Tributes to Flight 93 and September 11th are found all throughout the ship (via Pennsporter)

Flight 93 Tribute Plaque with Honor Ring(via Pennsporter)

The Honor Ring features names of those who lost their lives aboard Flight 93 (via Pennsporter)

M203 Grenade Launcher on display (via Pennsporter)

Armored Humvee, the first of its kind (via Pennsporter)

Sleeping quarters with bunks and personal storage compartments (via Pennsporter)

Main arteries of the ship have street signs that honor Somerset County, PA (via Pennsporter)

Map within the Command Room (via Pennsporter)

Stunning views from the boat of Society Hill Towers (via Pennsporter)

Inside the Command Room (via Chris W. Stein)

The south facing view from the deck (via Chris W. Stein)

The helm, or steering wheel, of the USS Somerset (via Chris W. Stein)

The Flight Deck offered incomparable views of the Delaware River and Ben Franklin Bridge (via Chris W. Stein)

More from the Flight Deck (via Chris W. Stein)

Let's Roll emblem pays tribute to Flight 93 and sets the tone aboard the USS Somerset (via Chris W. Stein)