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Pennsport Cares Week -- Day 2: Get Involved with Your Neighborhood Community Groups

Welcome to the Pennsport Cares Week! 

Pennsport is an amazing community filled with a diverse group of neighbors who give back any chance they get. Pennsport Cares Week is a celebration of that charitable spirit that lives in this neighborhood by featuring a new chance for you to get involved for the greater good. We understand times are tough and if you can't contribute financially, please consider donating your time to these worthwhile causes. And who knows? You may have a little fun the process.

Remember to stay involved: please share these stories with your friend or neighbors.

Day 1 featured Ryanne Jennings, who is running her first 5k on April 12th in support of local food access agencies at the Walk + Run Against Hunger 2014. Click here for more information on how to donate.


"How do I get involved?"

That's a question I often hear from neighbors when we're talking about the goings-on in the 'hood. It's a fair question but one that is easily answered. Simply put, helping out is as simple as picking up some litter off the curb. However, if you're looking for a more organized way to get involved, don't worry, we've got the list that will help you become a force within the community. 

Let's break it down into two groups: Nearby Civic Organizations and "Friends of" Groups -- each allow ample opportunity for you to get involved and help strengthen the bond you have with the 'hood.

Psst, you're going to see the phrase "get involved" quite a bit in this post -- so, get used to it and better yet, GET INVOLVED.


PCA meets at the EOM (138 Moore Street) the second Wednesday of each month in order to discuss relevant community issues and upcoming developments. While I'm humbled that many of you rely on Pennsporter to get your civic info, I would strongly encourage you to hit up a meeting every once in awhile. It's a great way to meet your neighbors and get the pulse of the neighborhood.

If you can't make the meeting, subscribe to their e-mail list by shooting an e-mail over to Pennsport@aol.com. If Facebook is your thing, definitely "like" their page for periodic updates on Pennsport.

QVNA usually meets the third Thursday of each month at Saint Philip Neri Church (218 Queen Street). Our neighbors to the north have a wonderfully thorough website and even have a mobile app, which you can download here.

Looking to volunteer? They have that covered as well with this handy form that lists the various committees looking for your help.

DSWCA meets on the third Tuesday of each month at Mount Moriah Church (410 Wharton Street) at 7pm. Much like QVNA, their website is extremely informative and offers various ways to stay informed and also to get involved. 

Whitman Council is located at 2455 South 3rd Street and helps to keep residents informed by providing assistance through meetings in the basement at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church (2329 S. Third St.) and a Facebook Page. If you'd like to get involved in the Whitman Area, please contact them directly by phone at 215-468-4056 or by email at whitmancouncilinc@gmail.com.


A shot of the ribbon cutting at Manton Street Park & Community Garden
Manton Street Park & Community Garden recently held a ribbon cutting ceremony in celebration of it's grand opening as well as its being chosen as the "Signature Site" of the City of Philadelphia's Love Your Park 2013 event.

A public leisure space located at 4th and Manton Sts. on the border of Pennsport and Dickinson Square West, Manton Street Park & Community Garden offers fun and robust ways to get involved for individuals and families alike. Please consider subscribing to their Facebook Page for more information.

Join in on the fun and help keep Dickinson Square Park beautiful
The Friends of Dickinson Square park are a group of neighbors who have banded together to create a community around one of Pennsport's most prized public spaces. There are a bunch of ways to get involved, so you might want to join their group on Facebook to stay informed on the many ways to pitch in around the 'hood. You can also visit their website here.

Stella enjoys the sun at Jefferson Square Park
The Friends of Jefferson Square Park do a wonderful job of maintaining the beautiful park that creates the Northeast boundary of Pennsport. Subscribe to their Facebook page for more information on how to get involved in activities such as KIDZ NITE, outdoor movie screenings, and park cleanups. They also have a well-maintained website offering loads of information as well as the opportunity to subscribe to their newsletter.

The view at Pier 53/Washington Avenue Green from the Fall. It's currently undergoing construction.
The Friends of Washington Avenue Green is a group of neighbors who are in charge of maintaining former site of Pier 53 -- the future site of newest pier park along the Delaware River. Many of their activities are family based and eco-centric with regular meetings and site cleanups. Check out their website for a look at its historic past and give their Facebook Page a "like" for more information about getting involved.

Titan Park is on the cusp of something special
 The crew over at the Friends of Titan Park are looking to create a "green oasis" out of a concrete area located at the corner of Titan and Howard Sts. It's the perfect canvas for the next great pocket park in Pennsport. That means there is plenty of opportunity to get involved. "Like" their Facebook Page to stay informed or contact friendsoftitanpark@gmail.com.

Howard Street Park a little over a year ago. These "pocket parks" help define the character of the 'hood.
The Friends of Howard Street Park have revitalized another Pennsport Pocket Park in order to help build community and celebrate the DIY nature. Located at the corner of Howard and Reed Streets, they hold regular cleanups and plantings to help make this slice of Pennsport a thing of beauty. Hit them up on Facebook as well if you'd like to get involved and get your hands dirty.

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