Monday, April 21, 2014

Did You See The Redesign for Mount Sinai?

The proposed redevelopment at Mount Sinai Hospital has been an interesting ride. The first neighborhood meeting was a highly informative "feeling-out" type event that featured it's own soundtrack thanks to the choir at Mount Moriah Church. After more meetings, concerns of town home height, density, parking, financing, and construction helped further define the project thanks to neighborhood input and a development group willing to listen. Now, with shovels in the ground potentially starting in the near future, it looks as though Mount Sinai has gotten an updated look.
According to, the town homes are also getting a redesign and construction on the town homes could "begin in the next few weeks" with developer Gagan Lahkmna still looking to obtain historic tax credits in order to begin the adaptive re-use project on the main hospital building, which is proposed to house upwards of 200 apartments.

You may remember that the town homes looked like this during the proposal in January:
Three story town home proposal from January (via Barton Partners)
Three story town home proposal from January as seen from 4th and Reed Sts. (via Barton Partners)

Here is a new rendering featured in the piece (note that the corner property is not a part of the new Mount Sinai plans):
The redesigned town homes as seen from 5th and Dickinson Sts. (via
The redesigned town homes as seen from 5th and Dickinson Sts. (via
It certainly is a shift -- a modern, and some would say out of place, look transformed in to a more traditional, yet still dynamic, design that holds true to the spirit of the many row homes that define Philadelphia.

Note that they are still three-story town homes in this redesign as opposed to the original, which featured these four-story homes. Here is the original design for a further look at the dramatic change this project has undertaken:

So, what do you make of the new look?

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