Wednesday, April 23, 2014

History Lecture, Brass Bands and Food Trucks at Mummers Museum May 4th

The first of a series of Sunday morning history lectures will kick off in style on May 4th from 1 to 3pm at the Mummers Museum. The event, billed as a "Mini Mardi Gras," will feature Susan McAninley, of the Friends of Washington Avenue Green, riffing on Pier 53's storied history as an immigration station. Being a loyal reader of the blog, you already know that Susan is in the midst of researching the stories of the people who came through the immigration station.

Check it out:
"In addition to photos of the pier, Susan shares her research on some of the people who disembarked at the Station. She has traced genealogy records to current day descendants, many of whom will be in attendance at the lecture celebrating their ancestors’ arrival."
The history lesson will be an incredible look in to the past of the future pier park but the fun doesn't end at 3pm -- after all, this is Pennsport, we like to party.

New Sound Brass Band will kick the party in to full-gear as food trucks line the parade venue located outside the Mummers Museum for the Inaugural First Sunday Brass Band Concert.

The event is $10 and will feature food, raffles, live music, and a cash bar. So come out on May 4th and get your learnin' on before getting your party on.

Check out this clip of New Sound Brass Band shutting down EOM 2Stock last summer -- they rocked it!

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