Sunday, April 13, 2014

Swanson Street is Getting Some Much Need TLC

There was an interesting reaction to the news that Adventurer's Mini Golf was going to open in May at 38 Jackson Street. In that story, we mentioned that there was a possibility of future improvements to the roadway and street experience on Swanson Street, the pot-holed north/south artery that passes through the Target shopping area at Morris Street down through the future site of South Bowl at Oregon Avenue. While you certainly liked the idea of putt-putt in South Philly, there seemed to be just as much excitement for a better, safer Swanson Street. Well, it looks like a plan is starting to take shape as a large patch of roadway was recently paved.

This dangerous patch of Swanson Street has recently been paved (via Google Maps)
Councilman Mark Squilla is working to make Swanson Street better, with this current pave job between Target and ShopRite hopefully just the beginning.

“I have been meeting with the Streets Department and Conrail on street improvements and a master plan for Swanson [Street],” Councilman Squilla wrote in an email. He also mentioned that potholes will continued to be filled along Swanson Street and that they look to hopefully re-stripe the stretch south of Snyder Avenue.

It's a tricky area with not only heavy streams of traffic to deal with but also train tracks and shifting lanes. Any improvements are welcome, especially those that make it easier to navigate for both drivers and pedestrians.

A treacherous patch of Swanson Street was recently paved. Councilman Squilla is working with various agencies on improvements

Swanson Street has seen a ton of action recently as the construction of South Bowl chugs along, the opening of the 2300 Arena at Ritner Street, and the aforementioned Adventurer's Mini Golf set to open in May. The news that Councilman Squilla is actively looking to better Swanson Street, combined with on-going roadway improvements  on Water Street, is huge news for access to Pennsport and points south.

A pretty (and welcomed) pave job

Keep you eyes peeled for more roadwork and be sure to let us know if you see any!

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