Thursday, May 1, 2014

Broad Street Run Special at Moonshine is Worth a 10 Miler

You may have heard about this little race called the Broad Street Run. It's no big deal really, just 40,000 people running the length of Broad Street from Einstein Medical Center all the way down to the Navy Yard.

Seriously though, the Broad Street Run starts at 830am this Sunday. It's ten miles and it's amazing for runners and spectators alike - go cheer on the runners because they deserve it and it really does push them on. Outside of the Mummer's Parade, it's probably the best people watching event Philly has going for it.

Tell all your runner friends (or strangers, too!) to come on down to to Moonshine in good old Pennsport after the race for a pretty ridiculous special - $5 and your bib gets your one of their insanely delicious burgers and a beer.

Not familiar with the Broad Street Run? Our pals at Philly Love Notes have an inspirational post dedicated to the run that features some incredible pictures as well.

Good luck runners and don't forget your bib!

Don't believe us about the amazing special at Moonshine? The proof in is the pictures:

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