Friday, May 9, 2014

Norman's on Two Street is For Sale

Back in November, we brought you the sad news that Norman's Juvenile Furniture on Two Street had closed after nearly 60 years in the baby furniture business. Well, much like Abigail Vare School up the street, it looks as though the building is now officially up for sale. Whereas Vare is looking to net a cool $2.5m, Norman's in on the market for a shade under $600,000 -- or just slightly less than the entire Rudolph Wilson Elementary School near 28th and Leigh.

Norman's is for sale for just under $600k
The listing on Redfin offers a glimpse at the current condition of the large commercial space, officially located at 1714 South 2nd Street -- Second and Watkins for most of you. While the outside remains intact, the interior of the old shop (which was originally a grocery store) has been stripped, leaving an expansive open floor plan just yearning for a vision.

The shelving units are gone. All this place needs is a vision -- and someone with $600k. (via Redfin)
Hopefully, the building can be sold and turned in to a useful commercial property. As you are probably well aware, houses are going up left and right. Two Street could really use the foot traffic that typically comes from the emergence of a new business in the neighborhood. Here's what we wrote back in November:
The good news is that Jim [Pratt, the owner] wants to see something become of the large corner property that housed a few grocery stores back in the day. "We were originally across the street (corner of 2nd and Pierce Sts.) and this used to be an ACME," he said. "Believe it or not, these few blocks were mainly storefronts but things change." 
Oddly enough, it could be Norman's that sparks a commercial turnaround on Two Street.  The opportunity is certainly there: the old Wise Guys pizza place is still on the market, as is the commercial property located directly up the street at 1708 South Second Street. The short-lived Brown Chicken Brown Cow, which didn't survive the winter, is still available to rent. Add the untapped potential at the Pennsport Mall to newer shops like Federal Donuts and CrossFit 2Street and you've got yourself the making of a fine commercial corridor from Washington Avenue down to Moore Street to help service current neighbors and those who purchase one of the many new town homes in the area.

1708 S. Second Street is still for rent - it's three doors north of Norman's (via Google Maps)

Wise Fries is also still for rent since it's closing in June of 2013
What would you like to see happen to the old Norman's space? Shoot us your ideas in the comments, on Facebook or Twitter and, who knows, maybe we'll look back at your ideas in five years times and tell you how much you nailed it! 

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