Friday, May 9, 2014

Pennsport Listed as One of the Top Cycling Communities in the Entirety of America

Do you bike to and from work or school? Or maybe you bike to the grocery store? How about when you go out with your friends or family?

Student at Furness High love to ride their bike to school
If you do, then you've apparently contributed to Pennsport being listed as one of the "Top 10 Cycling Communities in the USA" -- so, thanks for that!

I have to admit, something seems slightly off with this story. Perhaps they're using a broad definition of "community' and encompassing multiple South Philly 'hoods within Pennsport. Either way, it's awesome news for the neighborhood and Philadelphia as well. As you know, Philly is getting a bike share next Spring and it's a pretty big deal.

The usual scene outside of The Industry
So keep biking anywhere and everywhere, Pennporters - we have a reputation to live up to now.You might want to check out this app that tracks your bike ride in order to create better and safer bike lanes. And if you see a parked car blocking the bike lane, report it to the PPA using the hashtag #UnblockBikeLanes on the Twitter machine.

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