Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Scrap Metal Joint Moving to Weccacoe Avenue

F&J Scrap has packed up shop and looks to be in the process of moving to an unknown location on Weccacoe Avenue. While that's probably bad news for John's Roast Pork (and IKEA's shopping carts), it's music to the ears of neighbors looking to rid the area of transient scrappers, litter and stray shopping carts. Check out this list of recent violations.

A sign hung on the fence mentions the move, which points to an opening date (?) of July 1st.

This news will hopefully mean less transient scrappers in the neighborhood and underneath I-95, as well as less stray carts from Target, Marshall's, ShopRite and even as far as IKEA.

This cart was found at Moyamensing and McKean - that's a haul from F&J