Monday, April 4, 2016

New Construction: Monarch Townhomes

Slowly but surely getting underway over here.  Want to first and foremost thank Jim Jennings for starting and growing an awesome local blog that provided a fantastic service to the community.  I can only hope to continue what he started, be forewarned though, I am a novice.

Going to start off with an update from a familiar developer.  Pennsporter has been updating you on their progress since Day 1.  From the same company that completed the Metropolis project on 2nd & Wharton, we now have a new project called The Monarch Townhomes of Moyamensing from Rock Construction
Manages to be regal and continue the development alliteration....Metropolis, Monarch
 5 luxury townhomes with 2 car garages will be taking the place of the lot that sits at the corner of Wharton & Moyamensing and the LRC Services cleaning company that used the single story garage next to it.
Will update this story with more information as we get it.