Friday, June 10, 2016

Old Champp's site is getting up off the canvas

While at the civic meeting on Wednesday, which for future reference are always on the second Wednesday of the month (done for the summer months, will resume in Sept.) someone mentioned that they saw some action happening down where Champp's Bar was.  For those who aren't aware where that is, its the corner pad site at Columbus Boulevard & Snyder Ave next to the Longhorn.  This restaurant closed back in 2014 and has been vacant since.  

Being the inquisitive type, we made our way over there to find that there was some serious work happening on that building.  Site fence was up, facade has been cleaned off and prepped for some work, interiors looked to be being worked on.  

A Liquor Control Board poster was posted at the sidewalk along the Blvd which led us to determine that Miller's Ale House would be the new tenant.This is a national chain that is based out of Florida.  Seems to be in the same vein as the restaurant that preceded it in terms of offerings, you can find the menu here and just as important the drinks here.
Alas, as I and the original Pennsporter opined, this will not be the non national chain entity we wished for the neighborhood (looking at you Iron Hill or Tired Hands) but it will definitely add to the options for everyone.  Welcome to the neighborhood!

We've reached out to the owner for additional information and an opening date.