Friday, July 1, 2016

Retail Roundup

Some new retail has shown its face on the northern edges of the neighborhood.  First off at the intersection of League St & Washington Avenue, in what was a Summit real estate office, Pennsporter noticed some work happening to the storefront and a fancy new sign in the window.

Technically not Pennsport, but on our count it.

Looks like it will be replaced with a custom cabinetry company called Goldenhome Kitchen.  Not much in the way of domestic information on the company but it looks as though they do a lot of international business.  This adds some life to this strip of Washington Avenue with Society Hill Beverage a few doors down and B&J Flooring as well as Washington Kitchen & Granite on the next block.  Best of luck to this new company, although would have been great to have another concept here, especially with the green space at the end of the building, other then another building supply store.

Also of note is something we found the other day on the Passyunk Post, and its in regards to a new facial spa & massage store called Hand & Stone opening up next to Beer Heaven in the Riverview Shopping Center.  Hours of operation & other information can be found here.  I see a massage/beer/pho triple play in my immediate future.


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