Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Big Week for Jeff Sq Park

One of my favorite things about our neighborhood is that we have not one, BUT TWO, amazing parks!  We are extremely fortunate in that regard.  This week Jefferson Square Park will be on display.

Over the last few years, the amount of beer gardens in this city has grew in leaps and bounds.  Pennsport is finally getting the beer garden treatment, even if its only for a week.  Parks & Recreation teamed up with the Fairmount Park Conservancy to create a travelling beer garden, called Parks on Tap, that has made stops at 14 parks throughout the city.  It is run through FCM Hospitality, who is also responsible for another fantastic outdoor space Morgan's Pier among other venues. It will be open the following hours:

WED + THURS: 5 - 10 PM
SUNDAY: 12 - 10 PM

Whats great about this is there are a handful of other events put on through the Friends of Jefferson Park that were also scheduled for this week as well, so we think the park will be full of friendly neighbors all weekend.  Here is the schedule for this week, thanks to the Jeff Sq newsletter:

Events at Jefferson Square Park:

8/3 - Friends of Jefferson Square Kids Night 6 to 8 pm | bring the whole family out for picnics, treats and some sprinkler fun

8/4 - Friends of Jefferson Square Park Fundraiser 5 to 7 pm | 50% of proceeds will go directly back to Jefferson Square Park!

8/4 - Major League Bocce 8 pm | Stay after the happy hour and gaze at the action of the night glow bocce tournaments

8/6 - Maha Yoga at Parks on Tap 12 to 1 pm | Pay What You Can

8/6 - Instameet with Pennsporter 11 am | Starting at the Washington Avenue Green park, stroll through Pennsport with Pennsporter and end up at Parks on Tap to toast your discoveries


Oh yeah, and whats that last event?  Oh that's just a walk around that I am doing with John Cruice who takes amazing photos regularly.  We are going to walk down the river walk from Washington Square Green to the Pier 68 Fishing Pier and then back through the neighborhood to the Parks on Tap event! Seems to me to be a great way to get some amazing photos and work up a appetite/thirst for the beer garden.  So come out and visit the park and tell all your friends to come see just one of the reasons why we love Pennsport so much.


  1. When we were handed the beer menu I was impressed. Really nice selection of beers and ciders. With 20 rotating craft beer lines, there is more than enough to choose from. This venue New York is among the best around here.

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