Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Right on the heels of an amazing weekend at Jefferson Square Park's Parks on Tap, which was incredible for anyone who missed out and we hope they return again next year, we got huge news from another travelling group.

Probably not the first to break this as it came to me through the Food Trust's email chain, but they've just announced that on 9/1 the night market is coming to Pennsport!  Can't think of a better way to kick off Labor Day weekend then this.  They will be using the parking area under 95 from Front Street to Snyder and it looks as though they are doing this in collaboration with the Goldenberg Group who is the owner land of the box stores.  Heard about their wanting to get involved in turning this area into something amazing in our previous civic meetings, and this is a great place to showcase what it can be.  So MARK YOUR CALENDARS.

Oh yeah.....in other news, the last one will be at the navy yard.  Which will obviously also be awesome, just not in Pennsport, so less awesome.


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